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Selected Messages Book 3, Page 313

Chapter 39—Questions About the Saved

Will Children of Unbelieving Parents Be Saved?

[See “Children in the Resurrection” in Selected Messages 2:259, 260, and “Comfort for a Bereaved Mother,” in Child Guidance, 565, 566.]

I had some conversation with Elder [J.G.] Matteson in regard to whether children of unbelieving parents would be saved. I related that a sister had with great anxiety asked me this question, stating that some had told her that the little children of unbelieving parents would not be saved.

This we should consider as one of the questions we are not at liberty to express a position or an opinion upon, for the simple reason that God has not told us definitely about this matter in His Word. If He thought it was essential for us to know, He would have told us plainly.

The things He has revealed are for us and for our children. There are things we do not now understand. We are ignorant of many things that are plainly revealed. When these subjects which have close relation to our eternal welfare are exhausted, then it will be ample time to consider some of these points that some are unnecessarily perplexing their minds about.

Children of Believing Parents—I know that some

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