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Medical Ministry, Page 194

Physicians in our health institution have many and weighty responsibilities. Their only safety is in keeping their thoughts and impulses under the control of the Great Teacher. They have golden opportunities for doing good; they can guide and mold the many and varied minds with which they are brought in contact. They should take a stand for God. Show men and women connected with the Institute how pure and noble they may become; show them that you have firm confidence in God, and that He is your Source of strength, that you are resting wholly upon the promises. Fulfill your duty with promptness, while claiming your heavenly Father's help to overcome all weakness of character. With the hand of faith grasping the arm of divine power, put your whole being into your work.—Letter 6a, 1890.

The Privilege of Ministry

To the workers in our sanitariums I am instructed to say, Truth must be wisely, kindly, tenderly presented. In the fourteenth chapter of John there are precious lessons, valuable instruction, which should be appreciated by every child of God who desires to minister to others the comfort and grace of God. Let these lessons be impressed upon the mind; over and over again let them be repeated.

The Lord has brought us into possession of our health institutions that we may learn to bring to the sick, in the most attractive way, truths of heavenly origin. We must never lose sight of the fact that these institutions are instrumentalities in the hands of God for bringing the light of truth to those who are in darkness....

In His work of ministry for the sick and afflicted, Christ stands before the world as the greatest Medical Missionary the world has ever known, and the pattern for every Christian missionary worker. He knew the right word to speak to each sufferer, and He spoke not only that which brought healing of body, but conviction of soul and spiritual enlightenment. He brought to the understanding of those who sought Him a knowledge of self, and of the soul's highest need.

Christ's discourses were the spiritual explanation of His ministry for the afflicted. He Himself was the great ideal of

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