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    For Further Study

    God, not Man, the Source of Healing:
    Counsels on Health, 346 (The Ministry of Healing, 243).

    The Church Empowered to Heal:
    Counsels on Health, 30, 529.

    Christ's Servants, Channels of Life-Giving Energy:
    Counsels on Health, 30, 31 (The Desire of Ages, 823, 824).

    The Love of Christ a Vitalizing Power:
    Counsels on Health, 29 (The Ministry of Healing, 115).

    When Education Is Better Than Miraculous Healing:
    Counsels on Health, 469.

    Prayer for the Sick:
    Counsels on Health, 373-382;
    The Ministry of Healing, 225-2;
    Testimonies for the Church 2:145-150;
    Testimonies for the Church 4:565-570.

    Health of Willfully Ignorant Not Miraculously Preserved:
    Counsels on Health, 504.

    Incident: A Degenerate Seeks Healing:
    Counsels on Health, 618-621.

    Obedience to Follow Healing:
    Counsels on Health, 138, 139 (Testimonies for the Church 9:164, 165).

    Right Living and Prayer:
    Counsels on Health, 247 (Testimonies For The Church 1:561).

    Miracles of Healing to Be Counterfeited by Satan:
    Counsels on Health, 460, 461 (The Great Controversy, 589, 590);
    Testimonies For The Church 1:302.

    Warning Against Spiritualist Physicians:
    Counsels on Health, 454-460.

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