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    For Further Study

    Medical Missionaries and Their Work:
    The Ministry of Healing, 161-216.

    The Pioneer Work:
    Counsels on Health, 497-502.

    A Plea for Medical Missionaries:
    Counsels on Health, 392-397 (Testimonies for the Church 9:167-172).

    A Call for Gospel Medical Missionaries:
    The Desire of Ages, 821-828.

    Counsels to Medical Missionaries:
    Testimonies for the Church 8:201, 202.

    The Gospel, “In Illustration”:
    Testimonies for the Church 6:241;

    “In Practice”:
    Counsels on Health, 532.

    Neglect by the Church and the Ministry:
    Testimonies for the Church 6:294-304.

    Ministers to Be Medical Missionaries:
    Counsels on Health, 533.

    Physicians as Evangelists:
    Counsels on Health, 535, 536, 543-548.

    Opportunities for Consecrated Nurses:
    Counsels on Health, 387-390 (Testimonies for the Church 6:83, 84).

    Gospel Workers to Teach Health Reform:
    Counsels on Health, 43 (Testimonies for the Church 6:376, 377).

    Diet, a Proper Subject for the Evangelist:
    Counsels on Health, 44 (Testimonies for the Church 9:112, 113).

    A United Work:
    Counsels on Health, 513, 518 (Testimonies for the Church 6:288-293);
    Counsels on Health, 516, 517 (Testimonies for the Church 6:291-292);
    Counsels on Health, 519, 520 (Testimonies for the Church 8:158, 159);
    Counsels on Health, 524, 525 (Testimonies for the Church 6:240-242);
    Counsels on Health, 534, 550 (Testimonies for the Church 7:111);
    Counsels on Health, 557, 558.

    A Combined Work as Physician and Minister in Christ's Work:
    Counsels on Health, 528.

    Words of Caution to a Physician:
    Counsels on Health, 519-52 (Testimonies for the Church 8:158-162).

    House-to-Tiouse Work by Medical Missionaries:
    Counsels on Health, 538.

    “Teaching and Healing”:
    The Ministry of Healing, 139-160.

    Work for the Poor:
    Counsels on Health, 14 (Testimonies for the Church 6:255);
    Testimonies for the Church 6:83-85;
    The Ministry of Healing, 183-208.

    Work Supported by Converted Men of Wealth:
    Testimonies for the Church 9:114, 115.

    Ministry to the Rich:
    Counsels on Health, 15-18 (Testimonies for the Church 6:256-258);
    Testimonies for the Church 6:80-83;
    The Ministry of Healing, 209-216.

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