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    הֲרָרִי — התת


    הֲרָרִי, הָרָרִי adj. gent. (= mountain-dweller (Thes)? or deriv. from some unknown n.pr.loc.);—used only in defining certain of David’s heroes:
    1. a. שַׁמָּה הַהֲרָרִי 2 S 23:33a (cf. Dr) = 1 Ch 11:34b (where read prob. שַׁמָּה for שָׁגֵה, 𝔊L Σαμαια). b. שַׁמָּה בֶּן־אָגֵא הָרָרִי 2 S 23:11 (read perhaps הַהֲרָרִי cf. Dr; but 𝔊 ὁ Ἁρουχαῖος, 𝔊L ὁ Αραχι, i.e. הָאַרְכִּי? cf. Klo). On שַׁמּוֹת הַהֲרוֹרִי 1 Ch 11:27 (𝔊 ὁ Ἁδι, 𝔊L ὁ Αρωρι) v. הֲרוֹרִי supr. p. 248.
    2. אֲחִיאָם בֶּן־שָׁרָר הָארָרִי 2 S 23:33b (read prob. הַהֲרָרִי) = אֲחִיאָם בֶּן־שָׂכָר הַהֲרָרִי 1 Ch 11:35.
    BDB הֲרָרִי.2


    הַרֲרִי, הֲרָרִי, הַרֲרָם, הַרֲרֵי, הֲרָרֶיהָ v. הר.BDB הַרֲרִי.2


    הָשֵׁם n.pr.m. father of one (or more?) of David’s heroes 1 Ch 11:34, but read prob. יָשֵׁן 2 S 23:32 and del. בני; cf. DrSm and v. further sub יָשֵׁן.BDB הָשֵׁם.2


    הַשְׁמָעוּת v. sub שׁמע (p. 1036 a).BDB הַשְׁמָעוּת.2


    הַשְׁמָעוּת n.f. a causing to hear (proposes Aramaizing Inf. Hiph.; Ges§ 531 Sta§ 304 a);—לְהַשׁ׳ אָזְנָ֑יִם Ez 24:26 to cause ears to hear, i.e. bring tidings in person (? read -מָ֫עַתZMG lviii (1903), 416).BDB הַשְׁמָעוּת².2


    הָשְׁפוֹת v. אַשְׁפֹּת sub שׁפת.BDB הָשְׁפוֹת.2


    הִתּוּךְ v. sub נתך.BDB הִתּוּךְ.2


    הִתְחַבְּרוּת v. sub חבר.BDB הִתְחַבְּרוּת.2


    [הִתְיַחֵשׂ] vb.Hithp.denom. enrol oneself or be enrolled by genealogy (NH often in Pi. (also Hithp.), Aramaic Pa. (Ithpa.))—Pf. 3 mpl. הִתְיַחֲשׂוּ 1 Ch 5:17; 9:1; Inf. cstr. הִתְיַחֵשׂ 5:1 + 5 times; sf. הִתְיַחֲשָׂם 1 Ch 4:33 + 7 times; Pt. pl. הַמִּתְיַחֲשִׂים Ezr 2:62 Ne 7:64;—be enrolled by genealogy 1 Ch 5:17; 9:1 Ne 7:5; perhaps also לְהִתְי׳ 2 Ch 12:15 (tr. to 11:16 according to Hi Be, v. VB); וְלֹא לְהִתְי׳ לַבְּכֹרָה 1 Ch 5:1 but he is not to be enrolled in the place of firstborn; sq. בְּ (among, of, consisting in) 7:40, without לְ 7:7 Ezr 8:1; הִתְי׳ הַכֹּהֲנִים 2 Ch 31:17; Inf. = genealogical enrolment 1 Ch 4:33 these were their dwellings and they had (לָהֶם) genealogical enrolment, cf. 7:5, 9; בְּהִתְי׳ 5:7 at the enrolment of (לְ) their generations; הֵמָּה בְּחַצְרֵיהֶם הִתְיַחֲשָׂם 1 Ch 9:22 as for them, in their villages was their enrolment; nearly = genealogical list 2 Ch 31:16 (לִזְכָרִים; i.e.the males whose names were in the list), so Ezr 8:3, cf. 2 Ch 31:18, 19 (all sq. בְּ among, of); Pt. pl. c. art. בִּקְשׁוּ כְתָבָם הַמִּתְיַחֲשִׂים Ezr 2:62 = Ne 7:64 they sought their writing (their book), namely the enrolled, i.e. their genealogical record.BDB הִתְיַחֵשׂ.2


    הֲתָךְ n.pr.m. a Persian official at court of Ahasuerus Est 4:5, 6, 9, 10.BDB הֲתָךְ.2


    [הָתַל] vb.—only
    Pi. deceive, mock, Impf. וַיְהַתֵּל בָּהֶם 1 K 18:27 (secondary formation from תלל Hiph., q.v.; cf. Thes Ol§ 257 f. ad fin. Sta§ 145 e; otherwise Köi 352; v. further sub תלל).
    BDB הָתַל.2


    הֲתֻלִֿים n.[m.]pl. mockery:—אִם־לֹא ה׳ עִמָּדִי Jb 17:2 truly mockery surroundeth me (De Di Da cf. VB).BDB הֲתֻלִֿים.2


    התת ψ 62:4 v. הזת.BDB התת.2

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