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The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress - Contents
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    Hymn Sung by Boquist and Walbom

    “No one can ever reach the eternal rest,
    Who hath not forward with strong vigor pressed;
    No one can ever reach that shining goal,
    Unless he forward press with heart and soul.
    His urgent strife must last until the end;
    On this alone our hopes must all depend.
    Narrow the gate is called, the way named Small,
    But grace and choice are free for one and all;
    But all depends on pressing, pressing on;
    By that alone the haven can be won.
    GSAM 143.1

    “Make strong, yea, strong resistance, O my soul!
    To all that comes between thee and thy goal.
    Gainst every hindrance fight. Stand firm! stand steady!
    For those who forward press the crown is ready.
    If you the joys of heaven would ever taste,
    Press forward past each hindrance. Be in haste;
    Leave, leave, O leave the wiles of all the world,
    Thy banner of resistance still unfurled!
    GSAM 143.2

    “When the world calls thee, ‘Come and with us go,’
    Do not obey; that pathway leads to woe.
    What the world asks, refuse at any cost,
    If you comply, dear soul, you will be lost.
    For love of Christ I offer this advice:
    Strive in God’s strength; this is the crown’s own price.
    To every hindrance make resistance strong;
    The crown is worth the strife, however long.
    GSAM 143.3

    “The heaven of glory is worth all thy life,
    Worth all thy praying, longing, all thy strife.
    No disappointment in that realm can live,
    The crown is worth all longing thou canst give.
    Therefore wake up, and sharply look around,
    Make ready for the judgment’s trumpet sound;
    For wedding garment, pure and white and whole,
    Will be required of every suppliant soul
    Who seeks an entrance to that city fair;
    Therefore awaken, and thyself prepare.
    GSAM 143.4

    “You cannot anchor on that heavenly shore,
    Nor enter in that land ‘prepared before,’
    Unless you have the offered life of faith;
    For this the Scripture very plainly saith.
    ”Tis faith alone that can the sinner save,
    And ransom you from out the cruel grave.
    GSAM 144.1

    “Then listen, dear, and rise from thy sad fall;
    God’s grace abundant is, and free for all.
    Believe, repent, and hear the Saviour say,
    In words of beauty, ‘This, this is the way.’
    The world is all invited, let all come,
    And take by force a crown within that home.
    GSAM 144.2

    “The Lord is willing, anxious to bestow
    This gift on all who in his way will go.
    Spare not thyself the struggle, but press on,
    And soon, full soon, the victory will be won.
    God’s hand doth seek thy soul; he’ll give thee rest;
    Jesus is knocking, seeking for thy best.
    Wake! ‘tis God’s Spirit that disturbs thy sleep;
    They only will be saved who vigils keep.”
    GSAM 144.3

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