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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    Trust all to God

    We wait on God, our strength renewed,
    Our love of self and pride subdued,
    We then can cruel slander bear,
    Nor ask why we these sufferings share.
    PSAS 19.4

    We may exalted be by men,
    Be censured and condemned; what then?
    Our worth is in the Lord alone,
    To whom our thoughts and acts are known.
    PSAS 19.5

    That I am God, know and be still,
    Though wrongfully you’re suffering ill.
    How many sins committed where
    No eye has seen, yet still I spare.
    PSAS 19.6

    Be humble, meek, and low of heart,
    Nor from my holy law depart.
    Thus will your strength be oft renewed,
    And you with holy zeal imbued.
    PSAS 19.7

    In that dread day you then can stand,
    Where rocks are rent, and solid land
    And mountains shake, and cities fall;
    I’ll be your strength, your God, your all.
    PSAS 20.1

    From earth’s dread ruins you’ll be caught,
    To God’s celestial city brought,
    Robed in a pure and spotless dress,
    The robe of Christ’s own righteousness.
    PSAS 20.2

    Then every stain will be erased
    From reputations now defaced;
    And where was anguish, grief and tears,
    Now smiles and bliss and joy appears.
    PSAS 20.3

    To be forever with the Lord,
    To share the infinite reward,
    To sit with him upon his throne,
    To see and know as we are known.
    PSAS 20.4

    In everlasting songs divine,
    In sweetest union all will join.
    Who can describe the bliss there’ll be,
    When blessed with immortality?
    PSAS 20.5

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