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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    The Love of Many is Waxed Cold

    Are we suffering persecution, trying God’s commands to keep?
    Are our spirits crushed within us? Do we oft in silence weep?
    From the world naught else we look for; we expect its coldest frown;
    But when those we love turn form us, how we sink in sorrow down!
    PSAS 88.4

    Where we’ve felt God’s image planted, where in union we have prayed,
    Where our faith has gained the victory, and we knew from Heaven our aid,
    Oh! what change has cooled the fervor; what could mean this cold retreat?
    Lord, let thine in union ever, and in love, each other greet.
    PSAS 89.1

    God’s own searching eye is on us! Jesus feels our every grief!
    He’ll not leave his own thus wounded, but will bring them swift relief;
    Making known our every duty, teaching where he’d have us go,
    Saying, Fear not! I’ll be with you, and all needed help bestow.
    PSAS 89.2

    Though you see your bread withholden, find no place to lay your head;
    Cast your all on Heaven’s protection: God to life can raise the dead!
    Who the widow’s oil replenished? Who kept good her needed store,
    When Elijah shared her morsel, having naught to purchase more?
    PSAS 89.3

    If we blindly hug earth’s treasures, where shall we a shelter find?
    Soon the plagues will be upon us! all then on the altar bind.
    Do you say ‘tis on the altar? By the fruit it will be known:
    God is searching out his people, and is sealing for his own.
    PSAS 89.4

    Let us fear lest we offend him, and he pass our dwelling by:PSAS 89.5

    He will have a holy people, whom no plague can e’er come nigh.
    Haste to get thee disentangled! Haste to get from bondage free!
    Lose not for this world’s possessions, life and immortality!
    PSAS 90.1

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