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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    Lines Addressed to a little Orphan Child

    Poor little orphan child!
    I see thee happy now,
    With glossy ringlets waving
    O’er thy sunny brow;
    With tender heart as light and free
    As birds in summer air,
    With beauty, grace, that well might vie
    With rose and lily fair.
    PSAS 111.1

    Poor little orphan child!
    The tears steal down my cheek,
    For oh! how little dreamest thou
    The world is cold and bleak;
    How little knowest thou the toil,
    The turmoil, care, and strife,
    The tears, the sighs, that may beset
    The orphan’s path in life.
    PSAS 111.2

    Poor little orphan child!
    ‘Tis bitter hard to ream
    In this cold, dark, unfeeling world,
    Both friendless and alone,
    Where friendship ends in selfish aims,
    Lips smile but to deceive,
    Unkindness mars the spirit’s peace,
    And leaves the heart to grieve.
    PSAS 111.3

    Poor little orphan child!
    For thee is pained my heart;
    Should sickness pale thy rosy cheek,
    And light and hope depart,-
    Oh, who would then be near to bathe
    The weary, aching head,
    And twine around thee, arms of love,
    And joy and gladness shed.
    PSAS 111.4

    Poor little orphan child!
    Thou’lt miss a mother’s care,
    To watch thy youthful steps,
    Thy little griefs to share;
    No voice is like a mother’s voice,
    No look so sweet and mild,
    No smile is like her loving smile,
    Upon a darling child.
    PSAS 112.1

    Oh! ye who revel in your case,
    The orphan’s cry should heed,
    Nor with a cold indifference
    Treat them in hour of need.
    Ye know not of the anguish deep,
    That rends their aching heart,
    Or of the woe and misery
    Your cold words may impart.
    PSAS 112.2

    Poor little orphan child!
    May angels guide their way,
    For there are thousand treacherous paths,
    That lead the feet astray.
    Sin comes in many a dazzling form,-
    Fearful the tempter’s power,
    Oh, God of love forbid thy fall,
    In the dark, trying hours.
    PSAS 112.3

    Poor little orphan child!
    Should tears e’er dim the eye,
    And grief and sorrow fill the soul,
    And friends no one be nigh;
    There is a friend above, on whom
    Cast all thy earthly care,
    Who ne’er forsakes the fatherless,
    But hears the orphan’s prayer.
    PSAS 112.4

    Poor little orphan child!
    I would not shade thy brow,
    By telling thee of after years,
    To make thee sorrow now.
    Oh, no! in childish innocence
    Play on with life and glee,
    With dimpled cheek and joyous laugh,
    So happy, pure and free.
    PSAS 113.1

    Poor little orphan child!
    Blest be thy passage o’er
    The ever changing sea of life,
    To Canaan’s peaceful shore.
    There mayst thou safely land
    Where sorrow ne’er will come,
    To join thy loved - that happy band
    In one eternal home.
    PSAS 113.2

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