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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    Always Rejoicing

    If our heart do not condemn us, we have confidence in God,
    We can bear the world’s reproaches, we can bear affliction’s rod;
    If we suffer with the Saviour, we shall also with him reign,
    Here we cast our burden on him, with the promise, he’ll sustain.
    PSAS 63.4

    What though false reports are started, and believed by those we love?PSAS 63.5

    We can love though they turn from us; we can plead for them above;
    Lord, impart the Holy Spirit; for the want of this they erred;
    Had they waited for thy teachings, they the Shepherd’s voice had heard;
    PSAS 64.1

    Would have known thy stately steppings, when thy glory was displayed;
    Would have felt the holy influence, and thine urgent call obeyed.
    Oh! withhold no blessing from them, for the wrong dealt out to me,
    But for Jesus’ sake have mercy; mercy, Lord, is all our plea.
    PSAS 64.2

    Jesus has pronounced a blessing on those falsely here accused,
    Who for his sake are derided, persecuted and abused;
    He has said, Rejoice, in that day ye may be exceeding glad,
    Greater still our joy in Heaven, when in roles of glory clad.
    PSAS 64.3

    He will hide in his pavilion; there we’re safe from every foe,
    Under the Almighty’s shadow we can through the disasters go;
    Well can we bear wrongs and censure, while God knows our innocence,
    While he justifies us freely; is our shield and our defense.
    PSAS 64.4

    Glory to the Lord, my Saviour! glory to his holy name!
    Oh! for his sake I can suffer, bear reproach and grief and shame!
    PSAS 64.5

    Who, with such a friend as Jesus, can be troubled or dismayed?
    Who wile on the waters walking, said, ‘Tis I, be not afraid.
    PSAS 65.1

    He can still the raging tempest; him the winds and waves obey;
    While we sail these seas of trouble, he will smooth and calm the way.
    Soon the ship will be in harbor, storms and tempests all be o’er;
    Oh! how blest the glorious landing, tossed with sins and griefs no more!
    PSAS 65.2

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