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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    All Trials Cease

    [A young lady passing through great trials, accidentally met with a piece of poetry, and was greatly comforted and relieved from her sorrow by the last line, “All trials cease in Heaven, at home with God.”]PSAS 25.4

    Are we assured our home’s in Heaven?
    That all our sins are now forgiven?
    Do we with all the heart believe,
    And God’s approving smile receive?
    PSAS 25.5

    Is every weight now laid aside?
    The last besetting sin denied?
    God then to us this knowledge gives:
    “I know that my Redeemer lives.”
    PSAS 25.6

    This consciousness must purify,
    And bring eternal glories nigh.
    Though here we hear affliction’s rod,
    No tears “in Heaven, at home with God.”
    PSAS 25.7

    No suffering there; “all trials cease,
    In Heaven at home with God,” is peace.
    Yea, more than this, all there unite,
    In sweetest anthems of delight.
    PSAS 26.1

    There will they hallelujahs sing,
    In honor of their Heavenly King;
    Forever there, their voices raise,
    In songs seraphic to his praise.
    PSAS 26.2

    This glory Jesus’ word reveals;
    Each promise with his blood he seals.
    We’re sure, if here to him we come,
    To be in Heaven with God at home.
    PSAS 26.3

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