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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    The Christian’s Triumph

    Ye idols all depart,
    The Lord shall have my heart;
    I’m his by right.
    On him my sins were laid;
    He has my ransom paid,
    In God’s pure sight.
    PSAS 95.3

    Through him I’ll conquer too,
    And all my sins subdue;
    In him be free.
    PSAS 95.4

    He died to have it so,
    And in his strength I’ll go,
    Till him I see.
    PSAS 96.1

    Oh! shall I see his face,
    And rest in his embrace
    My soul is on the wing
    To glorify my King;
    Him I adore.
    PSAS 96.2

    All Heaven adore him now,
    In adoration bow;
    It is his due.
    For saints shall swell the song
    Of the angelic throng,
    In earth made new.
    PSAS 96.3

    They’ll see him as he is,
    And know that they are his;
    Be like him made.
    In union, all the same,
    There’ll be to his dear name,
    True homage paid.
    PSAS 96.4

    Hail, that all-glorious place,
    When all the ransomed race,
    Their voices raise;
    And all with sweet accord,
    Give glory to the Lord,
    In ceaseless praise.
    PSAS 96.5

    In Eden beauty dressed,
    Will be each heavenly guest,
    All blooming fair.
    This inward truth we know,
    And there we long to go;
    God will be there.
    PSAS 96.6

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