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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    Christian Submission

    The Lord is mine, his will my choice;
    I’m his to suffer or rejoice,
    While here on earth I stay.
    I know in whom I have believed;
    He has my sacrifice received,
    And will direct my way.
    PSAS 50.3

    Whate’er he calls me here to do,
    He’ll give me grace and help me through;
    He’ll lead and guide me home.
    He’s promised to be with me here,
    And said to me, “Be of good cheer,
    The world I’ve overcome.”
    PSAS 50.4

    Let friends deride, let scoffers rage,
    Let hell against my soul engage;
    No one of them I fear.
    My Lord has conquered all my foes,
    In vain they rage, or me oppose,
    While my Deliverer’s near.
    PSAS 50.5

    Myself, my all, to God I give,
    And to his glory would I live,
    From sin’s dominion freed.
    I’ll trust him though he hides his face.
    Sufficient for me is his grace,
    In every time of need.
    PSAS 51.1

    He’s coming, whom we have desired,
    In all his saints to be admired;
    Even so, Lord Jesus, come.
    Come, in thine own appointed way;
    We’d wait in patience to that day,
    When thou shalt call us home.
    PSAS 51.2

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