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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    We Love

    We love; for Jesus loves,
    We love his image here.
    We love to meet, we love to pray,
    And hold each other dear.
    PSAS 55.4

    We know it’s of the Lord,
    Or we could not unite
    With those ne’er seen before
    In bonds of sweet delight.
    PSAS 55.5

    By this shall all men know,
    One family we are.
    Oh! could they know our joys,
    And with us in them share!
    PSAS 55.6

    There’s hope, we know there’s hope,
    That mercy lingers yet,
    Or we should cease to feel,
    Their miseries forget.
    PSAS 55.7

    We’ll feel as Jesus feels;
    We’ll love and pity too;
    We’ll weep, we’ll pray, we’ll plead,
    And tell them it’s for you.
    PSAS 56.1

    This love we’ll not give o’er
    Though we endure their hate.
    ‘Twill cry, O Lord, forgive,
    And these yet longer spare.
    PSAS 56.2

    He says, I hear your prayer,
    I’ll save if they will come,
    Oh! then to God return,
    And have in Heaven a home.
    PSAS 56.3

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