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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    Live for God

    The offering has been made,
    The ransom has been paid;
    On one full strong to save
    Has help for us been laid.
    Behold, O God, our shield,
    On thine Anointed look,
    And blot, for his dear sake,
    Our sins from out thy book.
    PSAS 66.5

    Sins now of deepest dye,
    Can all be washed away;
    God just, and justify
    Those who his laws obey.
    “Glory to God on high;
    PSAS 66.6

    Good will to men on earth:”-
    Such was the rapturous cry,
    That told a Saviour’s birth.
    PSAS 67.1

    The Saviour’s life and death,
    “Has ruined Satan’s throne;”
    His mighty arm, alone.
    Can crush his empire down.
    Though god now of this world,
    His triumph soon is o’er.
    We hail the dawning day
    When he shall reign no more.
    PSAS 67.2

    Salvation’s wondrous plan,
    Has made all Heaven rejoice;
    ‘Tis wisdom now in man
    To make this boon his choice.
    By this can he o’ercome,
    And when each sin’s forgiven,
    Be found at last an heir
    Of glory and of Heaven.
    PSAS 67.3

    Ere long at home in Heaven,
    His place of final rest-
    There’s no oppressor there;
    And none will be oppressed.
    All harmony and love,
    All joy and glory there-
    Say, would you not in these
    Eternal blessings share?
    PSAS 67.4

    Live then for joys like these;
    Hear Jesus’ voice to-day,
    Who comes to me, I will
    In no wise cast away.
    Just as you are, then, come;
    Secure his pardoning love,
    And have, at last, the bliss,
    And joy of Heaven above.
    PSAS 67.5

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