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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    The Christian’s Desire

    I long, O God! to call thee mine,
    And know that I am truly thine;
    That all I think, or say, or do,
    May meet thine approbation, too.
    PSAS 60.3

    In all, thy glory I would seek,
    And but for thee, Lord, would not speak;
    I’d raise my voice in grateful lays,
    Nor would I move but to thy praise.
    PSAS 60.4

    I’d part with joys of earthly mould,
    And pass through trials yet untold,
    Could I but know my Lord was there,
    And did each bitter cup prepare.
    PSAS 60.5

    I’d love to drink it, and rejoice
    To have thy will, dear Lord, my choice.
    If I might choose, I’d leave to thee
    The whole control of mine and me.
    PSAS 60.6

    God will protect and save his own,
    Though in the fiery furnace thrown;
    But did we know our case was sure,
    ‘T might not effect sin’s needed cure.
    PSAS 60.7

    To break our hold of every tie,
    That we to sin and self may die,
    God seems to quite forsake us here,
    Nor leave one ray of light to cheer.
    PSAS 61.1

    Though painful now, “the darkest day,
    To-morrow, will have passed away,“
    Deliverance will be found ere long,
    And then will come the conqueror’s song.
    PSAS 61.2

    If I am favored here to share
    An answer to my Saviour’s prayer,
    We shall be one, his voice I’ll hear,
    When in the clouds he shall appear.
    PSAS 61.3

    Oh! glorious day to those who’re found
    In Him when the last trump shall sound;
    Their sorrows and their sufferings o’er,
    And prayer to praise turned evermore.
    PSAS 61.4

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