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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith - Contents
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    God, the Comforter of Those Who Are Cast Down

    In view of dear and loved ones gone,
    We oft feel desolate and lone.
    We seek man’s sympathy in vain;
    A passing look we hardly gain.
    PSAS 70.4

    But few can feel another’s woe;
    And fewer still will with us go
    To share the depth of heart-felt grief;
    And sacrifice to give relief.
    PSAS 70.5

    To bear affliction’s chastening rod,
    Our confidence must be in God.
    With this above the cloud we soar,
    And soon we’ll shout our suffering o’er.
    PSAS 70.6

    Disease and dark misfortune’s frown,
    Then will not sink our spirits down.
    We’ll shout, O death where is thy sting?
    O grave thou canst no victory bring!
    PSAS 70.7

    By Jesus, our Deliverer, freed,
    No light of sun or moon we need.
    His glory is the city’s light,
    And with him there we’ve all a right.
    PSAS 71.1

    Each bitter pang which here we bear,
    Will be a gem of glory there.
    Th’ eternal weight of glory, wrought
    By suffering is not dearly bought.
    PSAS 71.2

    Be cold indifference, grief or pain
    Mine to endure-the loss is gain.
    Through sorrow’s depths I here would wade
    To be through sufferings perfect made.
    PSAS 71.3

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