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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is said of the men through whom God communicates with earth?SSP 373.1

    2. What is the best gift? What is the church exhorted to do?SSP 373.2

    3. What is necessary in order to view scenes still future? Have there been any of this class?SSP 373.3

    4. What is said of those chosen to be prophets? How are they purified?SSP 373.4

    5. What is the book of Genesis called? What does it contain?SSP 373.5

    6. When and by whom was it written?SSP 373.6

    7. What relation does Genesis sustain to the rest of the Bible? What is the Revelation?SSP 373.7

    8. How does the preparation of Moses compare with that of John?SSP 373.8

    9. When did Daniel live? What was revealed to him?SSP 373.9

    10. Give in brief, what was shown to Daniel.SSP 373.10

    11. Who predicted the time of Christ’s baptism? Describe the scene of the baptism.SSP 373.11

    12. Who witnessed the baptism?SSP 373.12

    13. How did the preparation given Daniel compare with that received by John?SSP 373.13

    14. How are they both represented to-day? How did the Saviour foretell that John would be a latter day prophet?SSP 373.14

    15. What is revealed in the prophecy given to John?SSP 373.15

    16. What is the book of Daniel? What is the Revelation? When are nations mentioned in the Revelation?SSP 373.16

    17. What is shown by the lives of Daniel and John? Who were represented by them?SSP 373.17

    18. What was the active element in both their lives?SSP 373.18

    19. Give the particulars in regard to Zebedee and Salome.SSP 373.19

    20. In what business were James and John engaged?SSP 373.20

    21. Describe the home life.SSP 373.21

    22. Why did the two brothers visit Enon? Who accompanied them?SSP 373.22

    23. What did they see and hear at Enon?SSP 373.23

    24. What course did John and Andrew pursue? Describe their visit with Jesus.SSP 373.24

    25. Of what was, this the beginning? What formed the union?SSP 373.25

    26. Describe Andrew’s course of action.SSP 373.26

    27. Give the experience of Peter.SSP 373.27

    28. Describe John’s connection with the Master.SSP 373.28

    29. What was the result of this union? Was it ever broken?SSP 373.29

    30. What incident is given as proof that the union was sometimes broken?SSP 373.30

    31. Describe John’s visit to the wilderness to seek Jesus. Also his visit with Mary.SSP 373.31

    32. Why was John chosen to care for the mother of Jesus?SSP 373.32

    33. Was John naturally mild and gentle? What name did Jesus give James and John? What was revealed by the name?SSP 373.33

    34. With what were the natural inclinations replaced? For what were these experiences a preparation? 35. What did John become? How many had the same gift?SSP 373.34

    36. What does the history of John become?SSP 374.1

    37. Mention four facts in regard to John’s Christian experience. Who will have a similar experience?SSP 374.2

    38. Give two illustrations showing John’s natural disposition.SSP 374.3

    39. What request was made by John’s mother? Give the Saviour’s reply.SSP 374.4

    40. What enabled John to comprehend the answer?SSP 374.5

    41. Name the various ways in which John showed his love for the Master.SSP 374.6

    42. What opportunity did John fail to grasp? Why?SSP 374.7

    43. Describe John’s conduct on the night of the arrest and trial.SSP 374.8

    44. Describe the scene at Calvary.SSP 374.9

    45. What would have prevented their disappointment?SSP 374.10

    46. In what way did John recognize the risen Saviour?SSP 374.11

    47. Where did John go after the resurrection? Why?SSP 374.12

    48. Who sought him? What commission was given him?SSP 374.13

    49. Give the future of Peter and John as revealed by the Saviour.SSP 374.14

    50. What is given of John’s history after the ascension? What became of James?SSP 374.15

    51. What was done by the Romans?SSP 374.16

    52. Why was John banished?SSP 374.17

    53. What was he permitted to see? What was given to John?SSP 374.18

    54. What enabled John to become the link that connected heaven and earth?SSP 374.19

    55. Who appeared to John? For what purpose?SSP 374.20

    56. State what is said of Genesis and Revelation. Who guided the pen of the writers?SSP 374.21

    57. What comparisons are given between Moses and John?SSP 374.22

    58. What are the two mountain peaks of Biblical history?SSP 374.23

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