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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is said of the salvation of souls? State the object of all creation. Through whom has God revealed the plan of salvation? How have the angels shown their interest in the work?SSP 392.6

    2. What plan is given to reveal God’s love? What is said of the ministration of angels? By what are the Father’s blessings offset? To what did every offering point?SSP 392.7

    3. How was the real object of the service often hid? For what were God’s people anxiously looking? How did they always picture the Coming One? For whom did the self-righteous Jew look? What had no charm for the Jew? What was portrayed by the prophecies?SSP 392.8

    4. With what is Satan familiar? With what did he try to absorb the minds of the people at Christ’s first advent? What was the condition of the world when Christ was born?SSP 392.9

    5. What was the condition of the race? State what is said of Zacharias and his wife. How were their prayers answered?SSP 392.10

    6. What is said of Nazareth? What message did Gabriel bring? How was the message received?SSP 392.11

    7. How many have been mentioned who were true to God? Who else is mentioned? What is said of Anna? In what condition were these faithful ones said to be?SSP 392.12

    8. How are these faithful ones represented? What was represented by the moon? What met in the child that was born?SSP 392.13

    9. What was shadowed forth and taught by every sacrifice offered? What did the sinner see by faith? What did the service typify?SSP 392.14

    10. What kind of a foundation has God placed under His church? From what is light emitted? What is said of the twelve stars?SSP 392.15

    11. What is said of the birth of Christ? Into whose territory did He come? How? What was the wonder that appeared in heaven? What is stated in Revelation 12:9?SSP 392.16

    12. What was done by Rome during the reign of paganism and papacy? Who gained control of Palestine? Relate what is said of Herod. Of what scripture was this the fulfillment?SSP 392.17

    13. When did Herod die? How was one third of the stars cast to the earth? What other event was described by these words?SSP 392.18

    14. Describe Satan’s attempt to destroy the infant Jesus. Who guarded the child? Name some of the ways Satan attempted to overcome the Saviour during His lifetime.SSP 392.19

    15. What five names are given to Christ? What was said of Judah? How was this fulfilled? What did the Father say of Christ?SSP 393.1

    16. Who only has been given the right to rule with a rod of iron? Quote the decree given.SSP 393.2

    17. State what is said of the Saviour’s life and death. Give two instances when heaven resounded with shouts of triumph. How many years before the papal tyranny?SSP 393.3

    18. Give the three steps from the typical service to the day of triumph. What was brought to the mind of the prophet?SSP 393.4

    19. When was there war in heaven? How did it originate? What was the result? What is said of Justice, Mercy, and the rainbow?SSP 393.5

    20. What did Satan claim? Where was he granted a trial? At what cost? Through what did Satan work? What did our planet become? State in full what is said of the council at the gate of heaven.SSP 393.6

    21. What part did Satan act? What two cases are mentioned? To what have the angels listened? What four events in the life of Christ were watched by the heavenly host?SSP 393.7

    22. Quote the words of Christ as He looked forward to the cross. What was sealed at the cross? Describe the scene. What stood face to face at the cross? For what had Christ lived? What had Satan manifested?SSP 393.8

    23. What was heard in heaven when Christ died on the cross? What assurance did this bring to Christ? Quote Revelation 12:10. What triumph was gained at the cross?SSP 393.9

    24. What was formed by the life of Christ? Quote Revelation 12:11. How did the sealed sepulcher affect the disciples? Contrast this with the feelings of the angels. Quote Revelation 12:12.SSP 393.10

    25. What effect did all of this have upon Satan? What new scheme did he invent? When was the papacy established?SSP 393.11

    26. How long did the papacy hold power? Give the condition of the world during this period.SSP 393.12

    27. How did God break the power of the papacy? What three instances are mentioned? What is still felt in the earth? Who have the privilege of giving the Gospel to the earth?SSP 393.13

    28. What is contained in the tenth and fourteenth chapters of Revelation? Give in full the two characteristics of the Remnant Church.SSP 393.14

    29. How will Satan work at this time? What was given to John? What is added? What will be obeyed by the Remnant Church? What is said of the book of Revelation?SSP 393.15

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