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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is contained in the three preceding chapters? In the eighth chapter? Give the outline of the ninth chapter. What is given in the tenth chapter of Revelation?SSP 390.5

    2. What is said of the eleventh chapter? State the condition of Rome in 476 a. d. Name the ten tribes that were settled within the borders of the Western Empire. What three were “plucked up”? When? Why? What was developed from the other seven tribes?SSP 390.6

    3. What does a study of the Eastern Empire necessitate? What was claimed by the western division of Europe? What is said of the attempt of Mohammedanism to conquer Western Europe? How did the West stand?SSP 390.7

    4. What was born in the West? What commission was given Western Europe? For what was this a preparation?SSP 390.8

    5. What was given John? What was he to do? What is said of the one absolute rule by which actions are measured? Give the conclusion of the whole matter. What was the measuring reed?SSP 390.9

    6. What was shown John? Whose wisdom was given him? For what purpose? Of what is God’s law an expression?SSP 390.10

    7. What is said of the temple? What story was told by the measuring of the temple? When John measured the altar what was seen? What is said of the love of Christ? How long will it be studied? What does it reveal? How many dimensions does it have? What does it all read?SSP 390.11

    8. How many classes are measured by the law? What is the test? What is the standard? Describe the character that is accepted. What develops a character that will stand the test?SSP 390.12

    9. What was revealed under the third seal? What contrasts are given? To what place was the attention of the prophet called? What was to be left out? Why? For how long a time was the holy city to be trodden under foot?SSP 390.13

    10. Where is the scene located? Quote Daniel 7:25. Explain the twelve hundred and sixty days. When was the papacy established? What was this period called? What is said of it?SSP 390.14

    11. What two powers brought darkness? Describe the work of Mohammedanism. What two powers bore sway in the East? Describe the thraldom in the West.SSP 390.15

    12. What day did the Mohammedans substitute for the Sabbath? What did the “man of sin” think to change? By what was the Bible replaced in the East? Quote Revelation 11:3. For how long a time was the Bible suppressed in the West? What does history prove?SSP 390.16

    13. What was believed by the one that held the balances? What was God doing at that time?SSP 391.1

    14. What are the “two witnesses”? What is told by the Old Testament? By the New Testament? How is the same mystery revealed to individuals? Relate the incident at Jacob’s well. When will the testimony of the two witnesses be accepted?SSP 391.2

    15. What is said of the two olive branches? How is the church represented? From where does the oil come? What is said of the oil?SSP 391.3

    16. How is the unity of the candlesticks typified? Of what is this a beautiful picture? From whence does life flow? What brings spiritual death? Does this affect the tree?SSP 391.4

    17. What is said of the two witnesses? What is the only channel through which man may receive light? What is said of the power of the two witnesses? What does Elijah’s experience illustrate? When was the restraining power of God withdrawn? What followed?SSP 391.5

    18. What was removed by the Reformation? What was accomplished by Wycliffe’s translation? How was the light spread? Give illustrations. What formed the basis of all instruction? What followed?SSP 391.6

    19. To what do all historians witness? What is stated by Ranke? What prevented the overthrow of the papacy? What is said of the Jesuits?SSP 391.7

    20. Through what means did the Jesuits work most efficiently? What was the result? What is said of France? What is said of the Jesuit teaching? When did the beast make war against the two witnesses?SSP 391.8

    21. What is said of the Counter-Reformation? In what does France stand alone? State what is said in regard to the worship of the “Goddess of Reason.”SSP 391.9

    22. When was the Bible prohibited in France? How long did this condition exist? What was repeated in France? What else was found there? What did France do?SSP 391.10

    23. What was established in France? Describe the scenes which followed? How did other nations look upon it? What resolution was passed by the convention? Describe the condition of the nation.SSP 391.11

    24. Who called a halt? What was seen by the nations? What has been exalted? Which nations have taken the lead? What is said of copies of the Word of God? Give the rise of the British Bible Society. Tell of the American Bible Society. What is the result?SSP 391.12

    25. When did modern French history begin? What was the great earthquake? What did the beast receive? What changes were wrought? What follows the exaltation of the Scriptures?SSP 391.13

    26. Who place themselves on the verge of a precipice? What is being repeated in the twentieth century? What is exalted by education without God?SSP 391.14

    27. What took place on earth in 1840? In heaven? Who was sent forth? What response was made on earth? Why was the seventh angel held in heaven? Quote and explain Revelation 11:14.SSP 391.15

    28. What was John told in the tenth chapter of Revelation? Quote Revelation 11:15. What three things are necessary to make up a kingdom? What is the work of the investigative judgment? Explain when the three parts of the kingdom will be given to Christ.SSP 391.16

    29. When and by whom is the enrollment for the kingdom made? State in full what is said of this work. What takes place when the work is completed? What is said of the elders and their song? To what do they look forward?SSP 392.1

    30. When did the third woe begin? When does it end? Name five events which take place during the sounding of the third woe.SSP 392.2

    31. When did Christ’s ministration in the most holy place begin? Quote Revelation 11:19. When was the sacredness of the law revealed? What was seen about the fourth commandment? How did the seal of the law stand out?SSP 392.3

    32. What filled the people with reverential awe? Who saw light? Upon whom was the seal placed? What do they compose?SSP 392.4

    33. What will be seen in the sky? What will be the condition of the earth when the third woe closes?SSP 392.5

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