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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. When was John’s attention called to scenes where the conflict was ended? What is said of the Lamb? What choice did He make? Locate the city of God.SSP 396.3

    2. When did Christ enter the first apartment of the sanctuary? What took place in 1844? When do the events in the last part of chapter thirteen take place? What is the condition of the ruling powers of earth during the time of this sealing work?SSP 396.4

    3. What is said of the one hundred and forty-four thousand? What took place in 1848? When is the wound of the beast healed? Where is the image to the beast formed? How much power was given it? What class is oppressed by the image?SSP 396.5

    4. What nations control the world? How many are reached by the sealing angel? What contrast makes the work of redemption seem wonderful? From whom is the last company chosen? Why are they chosen?SSP 396.6

    5. Who receive the name of the Father in their foreheads? How are they designated? Where are they seen? What place do they occupy? From where do they come?SSP 396.7

    6. Quote Isaiah 6:1. What figure is taken to represent Christ and the true church? What is said of apostate churches? Upon whose foreheads is the name of the Father placed? How will they be shielded?SSP 396.8

    7. What is said of the character of this company? How does the possession of the mind of Christ affect men? Is it possible to walk with God today? Give the character of those who are sealed. How did they overcome?SSP 396.9

    8. Who only can enter the temple? Where are the new names written? What position does this company occupy throughout eternity? How are they described?SSP 396.10

    9. Define music. Who will sound the clearest notes? What will each chord tell? To what are heavenly voices compared?SSP 396.11

    10. What will the hundred and forty-four thousand sing? Who only can join in the song? What is said of the music?SSP 396.12

    11. Give the title of their song. Of what class is Moses a type? Who claimed the body of Moses? Who will have a special resurrection? Why? With whom does this company join their voices? Of what victory will they sing?SSP 396.13

    12. Quote Revelation 14:6. What is given in the tenth chapter? Of what is Revelation 14:6-12 a further development? To what period of time did the angel refer? When was the message given? What marked the close of the two thousand three hundred days? How was this change announced on earth?SSP 396.14

    13. How extensively was the message given? What was proclaimed? What has long been the point of controversy? By what was this gospel covered? What came as the result of this?SSP 396.15

    14. By what did Satan try to hide the gospel in the days of Babylon? How has it been treated through all time? What did Christ put in a new setting? How did His questions affect the learned doctors? What had been accepted by the world?SSP 397.1

    15. What is said of the sixteenth century reformation? Where was light seen? What is said of Protestantism? Describe the parasitic vine. What message was proclaimed while this vine was growing? To what did men turn? What book was studied?SSP 397.2

    16. Quote Daniel 8:14. When did this period end? How many times is the word “sanctuary” used in the Bible? Does it ever refer to the earth? What mistake was made? How was Daniel 8:14 interpreted? By whom was this message proclaimed in America, England, and Asia?SSP 397.3

    17. Describe the disappointment. What was said by the faithful? While studying the Scriptures, what did they receive? What did they see by faith? What had they truthfully given? What work commenced at that time?SSP 397.4

    18. What message was heard throughout the earth? Explain the fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9. If the people had known all, would the message have gone with power?SSP 397.5

    19. How long will the first angel’s message sound? How was it given in 1843 and 1844? When will it again swell into a loud cry? Who will join in giving the everlasting Gospel?SSP 397.6

    20. Give the second angel’s message. In what two ways was the preaching of the everlasting Gospel received by the people? What class was pronounced fallen? Who drank of the pure water of life? What position was taken by the churches after 1844?SSP 397.7

    21. What kingdom was taken as a symbol of the churches? What mixture is offered men in place of the everlasting Gospel? What union is formed? What attempt is made? When did the second angel’s message begin? How long will it continue? Why are the words “is fallen” twice repeated?SSP 397.8

    22. To what is this warning given the churches compared? Who will heed the call? When will the message swell into a loud cry? What two classes are mentioned? What was done by the first angel? What has been invented by the devil? What warning is given by the second angel?SSP 397.9

    23. When was the sealing work begun? What is said of the law of God? Is there a countersealing? What does Jehovah recognize in the lives of His people? What are the three characteristics of the seal? Does the enemy’s seal possess these characteristics?SSP 397.10

    24. What does the image to the beast enforce? Which commandment has the papacy thought to change? What power are those obeying who choose to keep the first day of the week as the Sabbath?SSP 397.11

    25. What will the law compel men to receive? What prophecy will then become a reality? What will take place in the close of earth’s history? What will happen to those who accept Jehovah as King?SSP 397.12

    26. What did another angel flying in the midst of heaven proclaim? How extensive was the first angel’s message? What relation do the second and third angels sustain to the first? How many will hear the warning of the third angel? In what can each individual honor the Creator? How much light will each receive?SSP 397.13

    27. What will those who reject the warning receive? What does the Lord say of those who will heed the warning? Who will drain to the dregs the cup of God’s wrath? What has Satan claimed? In what condition are those from whom the Sun of Righteousness withdraws His shining? What is this time called? How is man left to contend with disease and death?SSP 398.1

    28. What are the plagues in the sixteenth chapter of Revelation? Can man who lives in the light of the sun realize what it would be to have it blotted out? How does this illustrate the time of the plagues? What will the seventh plague accomplish?SSP 398.2

    29. When will the wicked be called forth from their graves? What then takes place? Who will live without an intercessor? How are the righteous hidden? How are they described? Where are their eyes turned? What are they awaiting? Who only are the living representatives of God on the earth?SSP 398.3

    30. What is watching and waiting? What did God say to John? What did He tell him to write? What did the Spirit say? What will those be free from who fall asleep? Who completes the good work they have begun?SSP 398.4

    31. What change is made in Christ’s garments? What is placed upon his brow? Who draws near? What does the angel say that comes from the temple? What does the angel say who had power over fire?SSP 398.5

    32. What two vines have been growing in the earth? Which vine is the most luxuriant? How are its grapes described? Where are the clusters thrown?SSP 398.6

    33. Why does nation rise against nation? What great battle is fought? What flows for miles around the city? What takes place at last? What is seen in the East? What is seen as the cloud draws near?SSP 398.7

    34. What is in the hand of the King? Who are drawn upward? What will be reunited? Who meet? What song does all creation take up?SSP 398.8

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