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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is the first chapter of Revelation?SSP 374.24

    2. State what is said of the first three verses.SSP 374.25

    3. What is said in regard to the title of the book? What does John call himself?SSP 374.26

    4. State what is given in regard to the names, “Christ” and “Jesus.”SSP 374.27

    5. What was opened to John? Of what is the book of Revelation an explanation?SSP 374.28

    6. Give what is stated in regard to the union of Divinity and humanity in the plan of salvation.SSP 374.29

    7. What is contained in the history of the church?SSP 374.30

    8. State what is said in regard to the name “Emmanuel.” What was revealed to John by Gabriel?SSP 374.31

    9. When did Gabriel visit John? For what purpose? State three things of which John “bare record.”SSP 374.32

    10. Upon whom is a heavenly benediction pronounced? Of what is this an evidence?SSP 374.33

    11. To whom is the book of Revelation addressed? Who will study the book? How much is contained in it?SSP 374.34

    12. What came into John’s mind as he looked towards the shores of Asia?SSP 374.35

    13. What was each one of the seven churches taken to represent?SSP 374.36

    14. State the position held by Asia in the spread of Christianity.SSP 374.37

    15. What position did Palestine occupy? What did Asia Minor become?SSP 374.38

    16. State what is said of Ephesus.SSP 374.39

    17. Name the three Beings that unite in sending a blessing to the church.SSP 374.40

    18. Give five statements made in regard to Christ.SSP 374.41

    19. What have men been made to acknowledge?SSP 374.42

    20. To whom does all power belong? For what are men exhorted to pray? 21. What two positions are given to the followers of Christ? State what is said in regard to their holding these positions.SSP 374.43

    22. Relate six scenes that were revealed to the prophet.SSP 375.1

    23. What expression is used four times in the first chapter of Revelation.SSP 375.2

    24. What day was especially dear to John? Describe the Sabbath after the crucifixion.SSP 375.3

    25. What two events are commemorated by the Sabbath?SSP 375.4

    26. What is the central truth in giving the life of Christ? What did the Sabbath bring to John?SSP 375.5

    27. Who appeared to John? Give the words that were spoken.SSP 375.6

    28. What did the voice resemble? Describe the personal appearance of the Saviour.SSP 375.7

    29. What is expected of those who reveal Christ in the earth? What is said of the church?SSP 375.8

    30. Who spoke to John? How was John? affected by the glory of Christ’s presence?SSP 375.9

    31. What was laid upon John? Repeat the words that were spoken to him. What is said of the message given?SSP 375.10

    32. Where was Christ walking? What symbolized the churches? What did He hold in His hand?SSP 375.11

    33. Describe God’s care for His church. What is completed by the church?SSP 375.12

    34. Repeat the last quotation given in the chapter.SSP 375.13

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