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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. Of what is the seventeenth chapter of Revelation a history? What distinguished the beast that John saw rise from all other beasts? From what standpoint did Daniel write his history? What does he mention in connection with the nations? standpoint did Daniel write his history? What does he mention in connection with the nations?SSP 400.11

    2. In order to get a thorough understanding, what two prophets should be studied together? What will be in the last days? How does John describe it? What is the cause of the seven last plagues? Does God arbitrarily withdraw His mercy from the earth?SSP 401.1

    3. What has God revealed to man age after age? How have men treated the divine law, and what has been the result? How has God given an object lesson of the ultimate result of a violation of His law?SSP 401.2

    4. What follows the breaking of the last chord of mercy binding heaven and earth together? What does this angel control? What has been his work from the beginning of history? How has it been with the nations? Did man learn wisdom by this experience? Of what should these revelations have warned him?SSP 401.3

    5. Who has heard the voice of God in this? Where was John carried by one of the seven angels? How could he view these events? What did he see?SSP 401.4

    6. What relation did woman sustain to the work of creation, and what did God pronounce her? What is the influence of woman for good or evil? What does a pure woman represent? What does a prostitute woman represent?SSP 401.5

    7. What is the apparel of the wife of our Lord? When the character is lost what attracts the eye of the church? What does the Lord want? What does the world seek?SSP 401.6

    8. Where, and for what purpose does the whore sit? What do waters symbolize in the Scriptures? Who pay their money to this base creature? From what do they drink? When they have drunk once, what effect does it have? Of what is this a picture?SSP 401.7

    9. How does John describe the nations? What was on the forehead of the woman? What does Paul say of the “mystery of iniquity”?SSP 401.8

    10. How is the Apostolic church represented? What does the history describe? What was their attitude towards those who held false doctrines? How could the inward change be read?SSP 401.9

    11. In what way did paganism come into the church? In what way did they treat the Scriptures? What did they finally demand?SSP 401.10

    12. What was going on for the first five centuries after Christ? What does He say of His people? Did the church heed this call? How did she deck herself?SSP 401.11

    13. For how long a time did the capital of Rome control the nations of Europe? How does God describe the woman? Who was represented by the woman?. How does Daniel describe this power? What did she first do that led her into this condition? What does God now call her?SSP 401.12

    14. For what purpose are governments ordained of God? What is the province of government? How is religion maintained in all pagan nations?SSP 401.13

    15. What has the devil ever sought to destroy in nations? What is the history of nations? What did Satan attempt to do in each government?SSP 401.14

    16. What did Christ do when He came into His own territory? How did the death of Christ affect Satan? What change did Satan then make in civil government? When did this change begin?SSP 401.15

    17. In how many directions has Satan worked to accomplish his object? How was the Roman nation recognized in the days of the Saviour? In its development, how many forms of administration had been tested? What were these changes of rule called? What was suppressed, and what was exalted?SSP 401.16

    18. What change did the “mystery of iniquity” accomplish? How many heads and horns did the beast have? With what do the seven heads and ten horns identify the beast? What further explanation does John give of the seven heads?SSP 402.1

    19. What do mountains symbolize in prophecy? How is this divided state described in Daniel 2? Before what year were the ten divisions formed? When did Justinian publish his decree recognizing the Roman diocese as the head of the government?SSP 402.2

    20. In what year was the last obstacle removed? From this time onward, what position did Papal Rome occupy? By whom was she controlled? Did the devil succeed in his plans?SSP 402.3

    21. What did the woman become? With what was she drunk? How did kingdoms come into her power? Was the lion, bear, or leopard scarlet? What painted this nation red? When was this nation red with the blood of martyrs?SSP 402.4

    22. What did the church claim during this 1260 years? What did the church do? Who executed the judgment?SSP 402.5

    23. What further explanation did the angel give? What prevailing element existed in the government during the reign of the first five heads? What was the principle during the sixth head?SSP 402.6

    24. When did paganism disappear to all outward appearances? What is real papacy? What followed the Reformation?SSP 402.7

    25. What will take place in the last days? What will be the supreme manifestation? Where will these forces gather? What will fall upon them? From where do they come? Why do they go into perdition? What is the nature of the death they die?SSP 402.8

    26. With whom have these governments been in conflict? What has been their crime? When and how are they slain? What will consume error?SSP 402.9

    27. Where will the beast and his image finally go? Who will go with them?SSP 402.10

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