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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. Where had John been taken? What was described in the fourth chapter? In the fifth chapter?SSP 381.13

    2. Describe the close connection between God and His people. What did John see? State what is given in regard to the book. What is the mystery of the Gospel?SSP 381.14

    3. What challenge was given by the angel? How was John affected by the scene? Describe the scene in heaven.SSP 381.15

    4. Who broke the silence? Give the experience of the elder. What did he say to John? What two things were taken to represent God’s power? Describe the power of the root.SSP 381.16

    5. What is said of the Root of David? Who only can be trees of righteousness? With what had John been familiar from childhood? What promise was familiar to the Jews?SSP 381.17

    6. Give the quotations from Jeremiah and Zechariah. Who had used these same symbols in John’s presence? What is said of Christ?SSP 381.18

    7. What comparison is given?SSP 381.19

    8. For whom did the angel call? What was written in the book? Where is it revealed?SSP 381.20

    9. Who did John see in the midst of the throne? Describe the scene.SSP 381.21

    10. State the change wrought in the earth by sin. What covenant had been made? How did man show his faith in this covenant?SSP 381.22

    11. What is said in regard to all animal life? How did the offerings affect the Father?SSP 381.23

    12. What caused the death of Christ? With what is heaven well acquainted?SSP 381.24

    13. What is said of the Lamb? What is indicated by the “seven horns and seven eyes”?SSP 381.25

    14. Who took the book? From whence came the power? Who unite in all the work of Redemption?SSP 381.26

    15. Who worshiped the Lamb? Give in full the work of the elders and the living creatures. 16. What is said of the incense in the earthly tabernacle? What is being offered now in heaven? Why is repentance a sweet odor? What is said of the morning and evening prayers?SSP 381.27

    17. State what is said about the unanswered prayers. What will finally be known?SSP 382.1

    18. What can the sinner behold? State what is said in regard to the work of the elders.SSP 382.2

    19. What is sung? What is sung by the elders? Why? To what do the redeemed in heaven look forward?SSP 382.3

    20. What will be the grand chorus when the redeemed are gathered?SSP 382.4

    21. To what does heaven look forward?SSP 382.5

    22. What two companies join in the song? What is sung by each company?SSP 382.6

    23. Give the chorus. Who join in this? Who closes the song? How did this affect the elders?SSP 382.7

    24. What will enable man to repeat the songs of heaven? Towards what are all the angels looking? Are you?SSP 382.8

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