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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is said of John’s experience? What was opened before him?SSP 380.19

    2. Relate what is said of Stephen. What touched the heart of Christ? What invitation was given to John?SSP 380.20

    3. Who only can view heavenly scenes? Who describes the throne of God? Did John have a view of the throne?SSP 380.21

    4. How long has the throne of God been connected with the sanctuary? How should one feel when studying heavenly scenes?SSP 380.22

    5. What is said of the plan of Redemption? How are the heavenly beings employed? Describe the One upon the throne.SSP 380.23

    6. Of what is the rainbow a symbol? With whom did the plan of Redemption originate? Give the details of the plan.SSP 380.24

    7. Who clasped hands over the covenant? What power was bestowed upon Christ? What is said of the work of the angels?SSP 380.25

    8. What will be sung throughout eternity? What is nature?SSP 380.26

    9. What is said of the rainbow? What separates man from God? What are the tears of the penitent?SSP 380.27

    10. What does God remember when He looks upon the rainbow? Of what does the rainbow remind man?SSP 380.28

    11. Who were seated about the throne? Describe their appearance. Who are the four and twenty elders? Where is their work described?SSP 380.29

    12. What is said of the throne of God? What is accomplished by the power centered there?SSP 381.1

    13. What is said of the work of the angels? State what is said of the voice of God.SSP 381.2

    14. Mention three times when the voice of God was heard by men. What was typified by the seven lamps in the earthly tabernacle? Where were they? What is said of the Spirit?SSP 381.3

    15. What does Jeremiah say of the throne of God? How does Ezekiel describe it?SSP 381.4

    16. What was in the midst of the throne? What is represented by these four living creatures? Describe each of them.SSP 381.5

    17. What shows that the New Testament is an unfolding of the Old?SSP 381.6

    18. Where were the four natures combined? What is said of Judah? How is the kingly nature represented?SSP 381.7

    19. What was shown by the genealogy in Matthew? State what is said in regard to Christ. Of what is every firstborn a type?SSP 381.8

    20. What was represented by the face of the calf? State in full what is said in regard to the Levites. Of what is every heavily laden beast a reminder?SSP 381.9

    21. State what is said in regard to the Gospel of Luke.SSP 381.10

    22. What does the keen eye of the eagle represent? How does John present the Saviour? What does he portray more fully than any other writer?SSP 381.11

    23. Give the substance of the last paragraph in the chapter.SSP 381.12

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