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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    sardis.SSP 378.8

    1. To whom was the Sardis message addressed? What period was covered by the message to Thyatira?SSP 378.9

    2. Describe the change in the condition of the church. Who were the forerunners of Protestantism?SSP 378.10

    3. When was the darkness first broken? How long before the sun shone in its splendor? How long had darkness reigned?SSP 378.11

    4. How did the change affect the world?SSP 378.12

    5. Where did God prepare a cradle for the newborn cause of Protestantism? What nations failed to shelter it?SSP 378.13

    6. What nation became the center of the movement?SSP 378.14

    7. Define Sardis. To whom is the name especially appropriate? What is Protestantism? Of what is it the result?SSP 378.15

    8. What is the result of teaching justification by faith? What gives a death blow to tyranny in government? What comes with freedom of conscience?SSP 378.16

    9. What opportunity was given Europe in the days of Luther? Give the result. What reason is assigned for the failure?SSP 378.17

    10. What had existed since the days of Wycliffe?SSP 378.18

    11. Give the history of Protestantism in England.SSP 378.19

    12. Was freedom always granted in America? What gradual change was made?SSP 378.20

    13. What is said of the Constitution of the United States? When did God place His sign in the heavens?SSP 378.21

    14. How did the breaking of the papal power affect the countries of southern Europe?SSP 378.22

    15. What can you say of the first fifty years of Protestant principles in America? What was offered each denomination?SSP 378.23

    16. Give the particulars in regard to William Miller’s experience.SSP 378.24

    17. What line of prophecy did he study? With what results?SSP 378.25

    18. Give the condition of the churches. What does the Lord say of the condition of Sardis?SSP 378.26

    19. How had the life been taken from Protestantism?SSP 378.27

    20. What had been the experience of Christianity and paganism? When was the experience repeated?SSP 378.28

    21. Describe the experience of Protestantism and the papacy. What were they bidden to do?SSP 378.29

    22. What were they admonished to remember?SSP 378.30

    23. How long did William Miller wait before he proclaimed the message? Why? When did he begin preaching? To what church did he always belong?SSP 378.31

    24. What two events are recorded for the year 1833 a. d.? By what two ways was God calling to the Sardis church?SSP 378.32

    25. What class of men helped to spread the advent message? 26. Tell what you can of the “Missionary to Asia.”SSP 378.33

    27. Who proclaimed the message in England? In South America? Relate the experience of Gaussen.SSP 379.1

    28. How was the message given in Scandinavia?SSP 379.2

    29. What was published in 1838? Give the particulars in regard to this prophecy.SSP 379.3

    30. How extensively was the advent message proclaimed? What was said to Sardis?SSP 379.4

    31. What two sins were found in the church at that time?SSP 379.5

    32. What is the white raiment? Give the closing words of the message to Sardis.SSP 379.6

    33. Whose name will be retained in the Book of Life? What was revealed to Daniel? At the end of what period was the judgment opened?SSP 379.7

    34. With what did this work correspond? What mistake was made? What is said of the mistake?SSP 379.8

    35. How long will this message be given? Who will see the second coming of Christ?SSP 379.9

    philadelphia.SSP 379.10

    36. What did the Saviour find? What was said of this class? What was offered by the advent message?SSP 379.11

    37. What was the experience of those giving the message? Define Philadelphia.SSP 379.12

    38. What two motives caused many to accept the message? Who composed the Philadelphia church?SSP 379.13

    39. How does Christ regard the Philadelphia church? Why?SSP 379.14

    40. What took place when the call was given, “The Bridegroom cometh”? To what was the door an entrance? How was this shown in type?SSP 379.15

    41. Where was the glory of God seen in the earthly sanctuary? Where is the attention directed?SSP 379.16

    42. Who opened the most holy place? When? What message is sent to all?SSP 379.17

    43. How many may enter the door? What is possible to the one whose faith centers in Christ?SSP 379.18

    44. What came in the autumn of 1844? What did further investigation reveal? How was the waiting time spent? What inquiry was made?SSP 379.19

    45. Who received light? When? What course did others pursue? Who were left in darkness? What class received a flood of light?SSP 379.20

    46. What was seen through the open door? What became the test from this time? Who was leading the people? How?SSP 379.21

    47. What was opened to the understanding? What became the message for the world? What was portrayed in vivid colors? State what is said of the law and the Sabbath.SSP 379.22

    48. What effect did the proclaiming of the Sabbath have upon the churches? Of what should every open door remind us? Who compose the synagogue of Satan?SSP 379.23

    49. What comparison is made between the first advent of Christ and 1844? Who will finally be seated on thrones?SSP 379.24

    50. What opportunity was given the faithful ones in 1844? What promise is given them? How will patience be developed?SSP 379.25

    51. What was the message to Thyatira? What message was given the Philadelphia church? How did the light of Thyatira compare with the light of Philadelphia?SSP 379.26

    52. What is said of the crown? Who only can enjoy heaven? How long have the angels been waiting?SSP 379.27

    53. What will some of the Philadelphia church become? To what period does the Philadelphian message extend?SSP 379.28

    54. What will characterize those who sit on the right of the throne? laodicea.SSP 379.29

    55. Name the three churches, whose messages extend to the end of time. Who gave the message to Laodicea?SSP 380.1

    56. What was in progress during the period of the Laodicean message?SSP 380.2

    57. What contrast is given between Christ and Satan? When was the cry, “Babylon is fallen,” first given? What is necessary?SSP 380.3

    58. Where did the light of the sixteenth century come from? What two important truths were made known at this time? What is said of the Sabbath?SSP 380.4

    59. What was repudiated by the church? By the state? What did some proclaim?SSP 380.5

    60. What is said of the remnant? What does Christ say of them? For what are heaven and earth waiting?SSP 380.6

    61. What two forces are preparing for the struggle? What is the only power that can retard the work?SSP 380.7

    62. What command does the Saviour give? For what are the Lord and the angels waiting?SSP 380.8

    63. What does the true Witness say of the church? What danger lies before those who have sacrificed for the truth? What will they say?SSP 380.9

    64. What is their true condition? Who pities the church? What counsel is given them?SSP 380.10

    65. Describe the white raiment offered. Who receive it? What is said of the life of the one in touch with heaven?SSP 380.11

    66. What remedy is offered for spiritual blindness? What is said of Satan’s work?SSP 380.12

    67. What counsel is given by the heavenly Merchantman?SSP 380.13

    68. For what will many be reproved? What are at stake? To what time does the Laodicean message extend?SSP 380.14

    69. Describe Christ’s attitude towards those who have not accepted Him. If admitted, what does He promise to do?SSP 380.15

    70. What honor will be conferred upon the remnant? What place will they fill?SSP 380.16

    71. From the lowest depths to what is man exalted? What is said of the place occupied by the redeemed?SSP 380.17

    72. Who are watching for the consummation? Give the closing words of the message.SSP 380.18

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