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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    ephesus.SSP 375.14

    1. How much time is covered by the message to the seven churches?SSP 375.15

    2. What is said of the Divine Presence in the earth? How does heaven regard the earth? To what is the church compared?SSP 375.16

    3. Who is found with Christ in the midst of the church?SSP 375.17

    4. To whom was the first message addressed? State several reasons why Ephesus was taken to represent the first period of church history.SSP 375.18

    5. What met in open conflict? Describe the condition of Ephesus when entered by Paul.SSP 375.19

    6. What is said of Paul’s preaching? In what place were the first meetings held? How long did they continue? Why were they discontinued?SSP 375.20

    7. Where did Paul then go? How long did he teach in this place? What was accomplished by his teaching?SSP 375.21

    8. What is said of the Greeks? What exchange did Paul offer them? Repeat 1 Corinthians 1:22, 23.SSP 375.22

    9. How did they show their faith in the teachings of Paul? What is said of students from the school of Tyrannus?SSP 375.23

    10. What caused an uprising among the people? Describe it. Who was Diana? What came into open and bitter conflict?SSP 375.24

    11. Give the first words addressed to Ephesus. How did those labor who received the Spirit on the day of Pentecost?SSP 375.25

    12. What is said of Christian churches and schools? What effect did this have upon paganism?SSP 375.26

    13. What two classes were found among the new converts? Was the church able to detect imposters?SSP 375.27

    14. Name two individuals who had a ready spirit of discernment. What is said of Apollos?SSP 375.28

    15. Who had instructed Aquila and Priscilla? What met face to face?SSP 375.29

    16. What three things were met by Christianity? By what two methods of work was the church raised up at Ephesus?SSP 375.30

    17. Was John acquainted with the work at Ephesus? What did the angel say to the Ephesus church? Who sent the message? What power attended the Gospel? Why?SSP 375.31

    18. How did Christianity appear to the heathen? Why?SSP 376.1

    19. What was accomplished in thirty years?SSP 376.2

    20. Who heard the glad tidings? Who ruled the world? Did any of the royal household hear the message?SSP 376.3

    21. What did God say of the workers of that period? What was the impelling power?SSP 376.4

    22. What did many of the Greek converts retain? How did they interpret the Scriptures?SSP 376.5

    23. What did the converted philosophers try to do? What was the result? What message did God send to the church?SSP 376.6

    24. Who were the Nicolaitanes? State their belief. With what did it conflict? To what did it lead? Were there other errors?SSP 376.7

    25. What does God say of the Nicolaitanes? Give the closing words of the message.SSP 376.8

    26. What promise is held out to the over-comer? Who may accept?SSP 376.9

    27. What is said of the tree of life? What choice must every individual make?SSP 376.10

    smyrna.SSP 376.11

    28. How far was Smyrna from Ephesus? How did they compare commercially and financially?SSP 376.12

    29. What was a drawback to the Ephesus church? In what did Smyrna’s wealth consist?SSP 376.13

    30. Through whom did persecution come? What is said of the true Jew? Who belong to the synagogue of Satan?SSP 376.14

    31. What is the devil’s counterfeit of salvation through faith in Christ?SSP 376.15

    32. What is made clear by the allegory given to the Galatians? Who were represented by Ishmael? Whom did Isaac represent?SSP 376.16

    33. What comforting message was sent to Smyrna? By whom was it signed? To what did Gabriel call attention? Why?SSP 376.17

    34. To whom was the message to Smyrna sent?SSP 376.18

    35. What three classes embraced the faith? How did this affect the church?SSP 376.19

    36. What was gradually lost? What result followed? What foundation was laid? What became popular?SSP 376.20

    37. What was respected in the Roman world? What were the Christians?SSP 376.21

    38. Relate the course pursued by the Christians. What was the result? What did the Christians often bring upon themselves? Give an illustration.SSP 376.22

    39. What edict came as a result of this course? How long was it enforced?SSP 376.23

    40. How does the death of a martyr affect the Father? Give the definition of Smyrna. To whom is this name applied?SSP 376.24

    41. Did God reprove this church? What is said of the over zealous?SSP 376.25

    42. What is said of the second death? What does the Smyrna church follow?SSP 376.26

    pergamos.SSP 376.27

    43. What may we learn from the message to the Pergamos church?SSP 376.28

    44. What caused a reaction? What did Constantine espouse? Why? What was the effect upon the church?SSP 376.29

    45. What is the meaning of Pergamos? State the condition of the church.SSP 376.30

    46. Name five churches which sought for supremacy. Which one was acknowledged to be the head of the Christian church?SSP 376.31

    47. Who was watching the church? What message was sent to the Pergamos church?SSP 376.32

    48. Of what two sins was the church guilty? What character from the Old Testament is taken to represent this period?SSP 376.33

    49. Give the substance of the quoted paragraph. How is the exact history portrayed?SSP 377.1

    50. Give the steps that led to the union of church and state.SSP 377.2

    51. Give the substance of the second quoted paragraph. What was Balaam’s scheme?SSP 377.3

    52. Between what years were the church and state united? What exchange was made? What was introduced into the church?SSP 377.4

    53. Define idolatry. Also fornication.SSP 377.5

    54. What would have saved them from the temptations of the Moabites?SSP 377.6

    55. What was the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes? How did it affect the church?SSP 377.7

    56. To what period does the message to Pergamos apply? To whom is it a warning?SSP 377.8

    57. With what must the history of this period correspond? What does the history of Balaam become?SSP 377.9

    58. What warning was given the Pergamos church?SSP 377.10

    59. Quote the promise given. State what is said in regard to the manna.SSP 377.11

    60. How does a union of church and state affect the church?SSP 377.12

    61. What is the lesson for the church? The home?SSP 377.13

    62. What is written on the white stone? What was Zerubbabel called? To whom may it also apply?SSP 377.14

    63. State what is said of the “new name.” Give Jacob’s experience.SSP 377.15

    64. How were the children anciently named?SSP 377.16

    thyatira.SSP 377.17

    65. With what date did the Pergamos period close? What was consummated by this time?SSP 377.18

    66. What separation took place? Describe the two companies. What led to the apostasy?SSP 377.19

    67. Give the substance of the message to the Thyatira church.SSP 377.20

    68. What was absorbed by the church? Who was amenable to this power?SSP 377.21

    69. What was advocated? Why? What means was invented to atone for sin?SSP 377.22

    70. What did the masses think? State the reproof given Thyatira.SSP 377.23

    71. What character is taken to represent the church of Thyatira?SSP 377.24

    72. Relate what is given in regard to Jezebel? What is said of the history of Jezebel?SSP 377.25

    73. What came as the result of the doctrine of justification by works?SSP 377.26

    74. Describe the condition of things at this time. Who had full control?SSP 377.27

    75. How was Jezebel’s using the king’s name repeated.SSP 377.28

    76. Give three events in Jezebel’s life that were repeated in the history of the church?SSP 377.29

    77. When and how was the power of the papacy broken? What continues?SSP 377.30

    78. What will be the fate of Babylon and her daughters? Of what is the death of Jezebel a symbol?SSP 377.31

    79. Describe the experience of those who separated from the main body in the early days of Thyatira.SSP 377.32

    80. To whom are these compared? Name some of these faithful ones.SSP 377.33

    81. What message is given these faithful ones? Define Thyatira. To whom does it appear to have direct application?SSP 377.34

    82. What had the church lost?SSP 377.35

    83. What broke the power of the papacy? What was given the people of the sixteenth century?SSP 377.36

    84. Name three important subjects that were presented. Why were they not accepted at this time? 85. Who opened the Scriptures? How was the light received?SSP 377.37

    86. What else was seen by the faithful of this period? Why was this sign given?SSP 378.1

    87. What promise does Christ give?SSP 378.2

    88. State what is said in regard to the light. Give the effect of the fires of persecution.SSP 378.3

    89. To what was the Thyatira church pointed? With what is this message in harmony?SSP 378.4

    90. What should be remembered? What will be repeated?SSP 378.5

    91. Give two conditions that will follow the union of church and state.SSP 378.6

    92. Of what was Elijah a type? What words were often repeated?SSP 378.7

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