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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. When can the world’s history be rightly understood? What was seen in the history given John? What is revealed in the history of nations? What is contained in the twelfth and thirteenth chapters of Revelation?SSP 393.16

    2. Describe Patmos. How were the scenes of nature connected with the teachings of Christ? Quote Revelation 13:1. Describe the beast. Where do we find the same symbols?SSP 393.17

    3. How much of the world’s history is covered by the four beasts shown to Daniel? State what is said of Babylon. Give the character of the Medes and Persians. What example of tyranny is given? 4. What new scheme was presented through Greece? What was the result?SSP 393.18

    5. From whence did the beast come? What was combined in it? Describe the body.SSP 394.1

    6. How many heads did the beast have? Give in full the six different forms of government introduced into Rome before the advent of Christ.SSP 394.2

    7. How was the pagan empire of Rome affected by the preaching of Christ? Where did paganism hide itself? What did this establish? Into how many divisions was Rome divided? Into what did seven of these divisions develop?SSP 394.3

    8. What is shown by the crowns on the horns? How many horns were set aside to make way for the seventh head? What was written upon each of the seven heads? What did it indicate? What is said of the seventh head?SSP 394.4

    9. What took place in 330 a. d.? What is said of the pope’s throne? Who laid the foundation of the papacy? When and by whom was the edifice completed? What three powers opposed the bishop of Rome?SSP 394.5

    10. When did Justinian’s decree go into effect? What began in 538 a. d.? Quote Revelation 13:6. What power was claimed by the church?SSP 394.6

    11. What attempt was made? How did this affect the Sabbath? What change was made in the decalogue? What was the result? Who found death a welcome relief?SSP 394.7

    12. How widely was the Gospel preached? How many will feel the oppression of the seventh head? What was accomplished by the seed of the woman? When and where was the last public persecution?SSP 394.8

    13. What took place in 1798? What is said of the wound? Is the work of the seventh head completed? What was believed? What is said of the life of the beast? What decision will be made before the end?SSP 394.9

    14. What four things are said of those whose names are in the book of life? Who receive the mark of the beast?SSP 394.10

    15. Who will be destroyed? Who will reign as king? What follows the beast? Why is such a power tolerated? What will be seen in the closing days? Who will meet these things?SSP 394.11

    16. What is said of the twelve hundred and sixty years? State three ways in which it has been viewed. What is the noontide of the papacy? What will be repeated? When? What is given in the last half of chapter sixteen?SSP 394.12

    17. What is said of the Reformation? In what two ways must the papacy be considered? To what did the Reformation give birth? Give the fulfillment of the words, “The earth helped the woman.”SSP 394.13

    18. What more definite view of the help given by the earth was shown John? When did this power arise? Contrast the rise of the two powers. When and by whom was it brought into existence?SSP 394.14

    19. When did Europe hear the reports of a land beyond the sea? What motives inspired the navigators? What was God’s purpose in the discovering of the United States of America? To what country did Protestantism pass after Germany refused full liberty?SSP 394.15

    20. What country gave free scope for the development of these principles? What course did the British finally pursue? To what country did these principles of liberty then pass? What freedom did America give its people?SSP 394.16

    21. In what particular place did Protestantism and Republicanism struggle for existence? What did the principles of monarchy strive to do? What was the result of perseverance and strong determination?SSP 394.17

    22. How did Boston show its freedom? To what place did Thomas Hooker emigrate? What was the result of this move? What was it that gave Rhode Island its existence? How does it stand in the Union to-day?SSP 395.1

    23. In what other place was this battle fought? What took place in 1776? What led to the forgetting of all internal strife? What was the danger that now awaited the people? When some men advocated to return to former principles, how did God interfere?SSP 395.2

    24. What important move was made in 1787? What was the result? What did Gladstone say of this document? Upon what principles was this new government founded? Of what was this an outgrowth? What then was restored to their proper place?SSP 395.3

    25. How long had darkness covered Europe? At the end of this period, what arose out of the earth? What was then planted in congenial soil? What did this nation become to all other nations? What has become the model for the reorganization of nations? How did it affect the monarchs of Europe?SSP 395.4

    26. Is the world free from the influence of the dragon? What is necessary to successfully carry out these principles? What has been the real support of the nation? What philosophy has supplanted the truths of God? What is the result of the philosophy of Greece on the education of children and youth? What does it develop in the character? What is its effect upon society?SSP 395.5

    27. How does the dragon’s voice sound through all the earth? Who dictates to thousands? In what way is the voice of oppression heard? What does the prophecy teach us concerning America? What are the words of the prophet?SSP 395.6

    28. What is the Protestant nation imitating? What is seen more and more in the nation? How is it affecting the nations of Europe? How and where will the deadly wound be healed? Where is the home of Protestantism?SSP 395.7

    29. What is the character of her churches? What are they rapidly doing? What two things will characterize the remnant? To whom do these two characteristics belong?SSP 395.8

    30. What did the beast do that is seen in the image? What is the object of the Spirit of Prophecy? How is it counterfeited? Through what agency does the devil seek to imitate the work?SSP 395.9

    31. How will Satan himself finally appear? What will he have power to do through human instruments? What does Christ say will arise? What did the dragon seek to do at the birth of Christ? When Christ was caught up to heaven, what did the dragon do to the church? What will be his most daring act?SSP 395.10

    32. Where did Spiritualism arise? When Satan thus appears, what will he demand? What people will the laws then imitate? What was demanded by the decree of Xerxes? Will these scenes be repeated?SSP 395.11

    33. Where will the sign of loyalty be required? What will bring every individual under the eye of the government? What condition of things that once seemed impossible is now in existence?SSP 395.12

    34. Why is the history of the beast repeatedly given? How has America once taken the lead, and what will she do? How is the image compared with the real in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation? Explain Revelation 13:18.SSP 395.13

    35. What is now right upon the world? Where will be the battle-field for the final struggle? What will go forth from its borders? With whom will the members of this church join?SSP 396.1

    36. What is fast approaching? What will succeed the downfall of nations? What will be developed in this struggle? When will this be accomplished? What will be demonstrated before the universe? What should be the prayer of all?SSP 396.2

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