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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is the closing work of earth? For what is the universe now waiting? What can hinder this work?SSP 385.14

    2. What is said of Christ’s kingdom and the subjects? When will the over-comer inherit the kingdom?SSP 385.15

    3. What was shown to John? When does the sixth seal close? What is said of the opening of the seventh seal?SSP 385.16

    4. What is said of God’s dwelling place? Who carries the announcement that the work is done? Mention four events that follow the announcement.SSP 385.17

    5. Describe the coming of Christ. What promise will then be fulfilled? Describe the reunion that will then take place.SSP 385.18

    6. How much time is spent on the journey home? What is said of this company?SSP 385.19

    7. Of what is the giving of the law a symbol? Give the words of Moses.SSP 385.20

    8. Who only will hear the law spoken a second time?SSP 385.21

    9. What was given the prophet? Give what is said of the messages to the churches. Give in full what is said of the seven seals. What other phase of history is given?SSP 385.22

    10. How much time is covered by the seven trumpets? What three lines of prophecy are mentioned as extending into eternity?SSP 385.23

    11. Of what is the trumpet a signal? What is the history of the trumpets? Why is it left on record? 12. What work is introduced before the trumpets? Why? How is Christ presented? Give in full what is said in regard to the incense.SSP 385.24

    13. Of what was the incense a type? What is said of the supply? What does the High Priest offer? What is said of recorded prayers? How surely will they be answered? What are the angels doing?SSP 386.1

    14. Will any reject light? How and when will the prayers be answered? What takes place in heaven when the sealing work is finished?SSP 386.2

    15. What is Satan’s studied plan? What effect will this plan have upon individuals and the church? By whom was this lesson taught? How was the lesson taught the Roman Empire?SSP 386.3

    16. What is said of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ? When was Rome divided? Give capital of each division. Give what is stated in regard to the three divisions.SSP 386.4

    17. What followed the sounding of the first angel? Give the historical fulfillment.SSP 386.5

    18. When and by whom was the Eastern Roman Empire invaded? Describe the invasion. When was Italy invaded? Describe the invasion. Give the particulars in regard to the capture of Rome.SSP 386.6

    19. Give date of Alaric’s death. What is said of his successor?SSP 386.7

    20. Quote Revelation 8:8. Where and by whom was this fulfilled? Who led the Vandals? What is said of him? Give the particulars in regard to the Vandals being in Africa.SSP 386.8

    21. How did the Vandal conquests in Africa affect Rome? What other conquests followed? What happened in June, 455? Describe the pillage of Rome. How did it compare with the sack of Rome by the Goths?SSP 386.9

    22. Describe the view of the mountains given to the prophet With what does this agree? Describe the Vandal conquests and give their extent.SSP 386.10

    23. What measures were taken by Rome? What was prepared? Who unite in these preparations? Describe the destruction of the fleet.SSP 386.11

    24. How was Genseric recognized? What did he live to see? Give date. What change was taking place in Rome at this time?SSP 386.12

    25. Quote Revelation 8:10. What is said of the Huns? What took place in the day of Ætius? What course did Theodosius pursue? What did the Senate do? Of what was this a fulfillment?SSP 386.13

    26. Who became rulers in 433? What is said of the conditions of peace? Give the substance of the conditions of peace.SSP 386.14

    27. What was Rome made to realize? What course did Attila pursue? Give the result.SSP 386.15

    28. Describe Attila’s invasion of Italy. How did Rome escape? What is said of the “wormwood” and the “star”?SSP 386.16

    29. When did Attila die? Was Rome delivered? Who was in the heighth of his power at this time? How long did his work continue?SSP 386.17

    30. What is said of Roman power? Who occupied the throne of Rome. What was necessary to complete the overthrow?SSP 386.18

    31. Quote Revelation 8:12. How many emperor ruled during the last twenty years of the Roman Empire? Relate what is said of Nepas, Orestes, Augustulus, Odoacer, and Zeno.SSP 386.19

    32. Give particulars in regard to Odoacer’s reign. In what condition was Rome? Who had prophesied of this?SSP 386.20

    33. How long will Rome remain divided? When did the Middle Ages begin? What is said of the next few years? Give the fulfillment of Daniel 7:8.SSP 386.21

    34 Where did the people seek safety? What power was constantly increasing? What is said of the church?SSP 387.1

    35. How did the Saviour appear to His followers? What is said of the fall of Rome? Of what is its fall a type? What is said of the history of the four trumpets? How is Rome next presented?SSP 387.2

    36. Quote Revelation 8:13. What is said of barbarian warfare? How does heaven look upon these scenes? What is especially designated as woes?SSP 387.3

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