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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What does the seventh chapter of Revelation contain? What is said in regard to the signs? What was to follow the signs in the heavens?SSP 384.7

    2. Locate the seventh chapter of Revelation chronologically. What did John see? What is said of these angels and their work? Of what was the wind a symbol?SSP 384.8

    3. What two principles changed the condition of the world? Define each. What besides the churches was affected by the Reformation? What was required?SSP 384.9

    4. Where did civil and religious liberty blossom and bear fruit? State how the United States was regarded by other nations.SSP 384.10

    5. What was the condition of Europe? What is said of France? Describe the condition in all the European countries. Where did the trouble first break out?SSP 384.11

    6. Give an account of the uprising in France. What followed in other European countries?SSP 384.12

    7. What three important events in English history are mentioned?SSP 384.13

    8. When did the climax come? State in full the particulars of the trouble in France. Give the changes wrought in Germany, Prussia, and Austria.SSP 384.14

    9. What took place in a brief period of time? Describe the calm which followed. What was practically a thing of the past? What could now ripen?SSP 384.15

    10. What is said of the closing work in the earth? What is now going on?SSP 384.16

    11. What did John see? How are nations represented? What question is asked? What is always true of God’s people?SSP 384.17

    12. What was given to Abraham? What is given to the seed of Abraham living in the end of time? How is the seal received? What is this sign or seal? Give the words of Paul.SSP 384.18

    13. Give a full definition of the seal. Between what two parties is the Sabbath a sign? Of what is it a sign? Who only can enjoy the spiritual rest in the Sabbath?SSP 384.19

    14. Where is the seal placed? Who only can read it? Can civil law enforce Sabbath-keeping? Why not?SSP 384.20

    15. Whose life reveals true Sabbath-keeping? Which day is the Sabbath? Name the three steps taken in making the Sabbath.SSP 384.21

    16. What does every seventh day of the week contain? What three things are necessary in the seal of every earthly ruler? Where is the seal usually attached to a legal document?SSP 384.22

    17. Where is the seal placed in the law of God? Repeat the fourth commandment. Point out the three specifications of God’s seal as given in the fourth commandment. 18. When the fourth commandment is omitted, has the law any seal? What two things are mentioned as being revealed in the fourth commandment?SSP 384.23

    19. What call was given in 1848? Since that time, what message has been going to the earth? How did the work commence? What is said of the extent of the work?SSP 385.1

    20. How many receive the seal of God? How are they divided? What is the basis of the sealing work?SSP 385.2

    21. To whom was the promise of the new earth made? Who inherits the promise? What position will the adopted children occupy?SSP 385.3

    22. What is said of the names of the twelve tribes? What class is represented by the name of Issachar? State what is said of Naphtali. What contrast is given? Are both classes necessary?SSP 385.4

    23. What is said of Levi? Of Reuben? Who are represented by Judah? What tribe is left out? How is the number made up? What was said of Dan? What gift was given Dan? How did he pervert the gift? What did he become?SSP 385.5

    24. Who has the gift of judgment misdirected? Will those who continue to criticize others ever enter heaven? Why not?SSP 385.6

    25. Who did John see before the throne? What is said of this company? Of what do they sing?SSP 385.7

    26. To what other company was their attention directed? What is said of this company?SSP 385.8

    27. What was Satan forced to acknowledge? What is their reward?SSP 385.9

    28. What position was held by Lucifer? Who fell with Satan? Who will finally occupy the place formerly filled by Satan?SSP 385.10

    29. Who compose Christ’s body-guard? State what is said of this company.SSP 385.11

    30. How will the sunlight on the new earth compare with the present state? Describe the effect of the glory of the angel upon the Roman guard.SSP 385.12

    31. What is said of those who walk in the presence of God? Give the substance of the last paragraph in the chapter.SSP 385.13

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