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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What does the history of our little planet reveal? What are these two opposing characters? How many will be enlisted on one side or the other? Under whose generalship have God’s people fought? Who has commanded the other army, and what has been his plan?SSP 405.11

    2. How many minds have controlled men? What is the character of the life and history of Satan? Of what is it a record? Of what has the whole course been a succession? How great has been the wisdom of the arch-enemy? What was his position in heaven? How does the prophet describe him? What was the cause of his fall? Of whom was he jealous? Of what was that a beginning? Who fought with him, and what was the result?SSP 405.12

    3. What did this defeat point forward to? From what place was he cast’ out? Where was Satan permitted to make the seat of his power? Why did God permit this? What did Satan therefore become? Where, and for what purpose did he meet the representatives of other worlds? How did he stand in that assembly? Upon whom did he lay the blame of the rebellion? What was he seeking to establish upon the earth?SSP 405.13

    4. What did Satan try to show was the cause of his lack of success? What happened in fulness of time?SSP 406.1

    5. How did Christ live in the heart of the government of the enemy? What was done by Him on earth? What was done to Him? Who watched and wondered at the controversy? What were the Saviour’s last words? What did He say concerning satan? What did He exclaim at the triumph of the cross?SSP 406.2

    6. What did John hear at this time? From what place was Satan then shut out? How does Christ describe Satan’s fall? What has been Satan’s condition since the resurrection of Christ? What is becoming more and more under his power? What was once under the control of the Spirit of God that now renders allegiance to Satan?SSP 406.3

    7. What working power is abroad in the earth, and what is being accomplished by it? What does the little company of commandment keepers do? How are they treated? Where will the Saviour finally take them? What becomes of the wicked?SSP 406.4

    8. How will the earth be affected by the seventh plague? How does Rotherham render the translation of Revelation 20:1-3? What cannot Satan do, and where is he now confined? How does his countenance now appear?SSP 406.5

    9. What will take place at the end of the thousand years? What will be the last act in the drama? What question is here answered?SSP 406.6

    10. What did John say he saw? When Christ appears on the white cloud, what does he do? How does Paul describe this scene? What is this called? Who are here blessed?SSP 406.7

    11. Who will be priests of God and Christ for a thousand years? What did John see? Where are the saints during this time? What does Paul say the saints will do?SSP 406.8

    12 How does Peter describe the fallen angels at the present time? While the world is making history, what is heaven doing? What will God finally do? What does Christ say about the words men speak?SSP 406.9

    13. What are angels doing during the life of each individual? Where are these records placed? What is this book called? What is placed in this book? In view of this, what does David pray? What is written in the Book of Remembrance? What teaches the same lesson?SSP 406.10

    14. What is the influence of each day upon the individual? What shows that character is being formed by the daily life? What two records will correspond in the judgment? When is every page unwritten?SSP 406.11

    15. What shows that our deeds live when we die? What is the difference between God’s judgment and man’s judgment? Who keeps this record?SSP 406.12

    16. What other book is mentioned besides the Book of Remembrance? What appears upon its pages? How did the Saviour rebuke His disciples when they gloried over their success? What will be the reward of those who remain true to God? What will be the reward of those who grow weary and turn away from the Lord?SSP 406.13

    17. When the name of Christ is taken, what is imputed to the believer? Why is it that when a man forsakes Christ there is no record of his good deeds? With what are the pages then filled?SSP 406.14

    18. How is it when a soul repents? What is the third book called? What is over against each name? How does Hosea refer to this book? How does Job speak of it? What three books are often referred to by the sacred writers?SSP 407.1

    19. When was the Book of Life opened? When the sins are blotted out of the Book of Remembrance, where are they transferred? Where is this work carried on? How and when was it typified on earth?SSP 407.2

    20. What did the priest do with the scapegoat on the day of atonement? What did this represent? When Christ finishes His work in the temple, what will become of the sins? Whose name heads the list in the Book of Death? In what are the saints engaged during the thousand years? When this period expires, what takes place? What occurs at the voice of God?SSP 407.3

    21. When the wicked rise from the dead, what do they see? What happens to the Mount of Olives and the dead who are buried in that country? What does Satan then do with his host? How great is his army, and of whom is it composed? How great is the number, and how are they organized?SSP 407.4

    22. As they approach the holy city, what do they see? Where are those who are in harmony with the truth? Where are those who have chosen Satan? What flashes vividly before every mind? Who will the wicked who have died in Jerusalem then see?SSP 407.5

    23. How many bow before Christ at this time? What possesses the hearts of those who march in the battle of Satan? What will they acknowledge? What then comes from God as He sits upon His throne? Who is then cast into the lake of fire and brimstone? What is this final end called?SSP 407.6

    24. What are the words of the Psalmist in describing this scene? How will the city of God be preserved? What will become of the earth? What will become of the wicked?SSP 407.7

    25. What was the last act in the shadowy service of the tabernacle? What has become of the defiled earth? Who are blotted out of existence? What will then take place? What has been the nature of the struggle? When it is all complete, what does Christ see?SSP 407.8

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