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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. Of what is the book of Revelation a great signal? What hastens one along that road? What is human history like?SSP 409.3

    2. What did David have a good opportunity to watch? What did his stumblings lead him to do? What did they lead him to pray?SSP 409.4

    3. What does the book of Revelation show and portray? Where in history did the seven churches begin, and where will they end?SSP 409.5

    4. What do the seven seals portray, and where does the seventh end? Where are the seven trumpets blown? What takes place under the seventh?SSP 409.6

    5. To what do the birth and crucifixion of Christ point? What is recorded by the beast and his image?SSP 409.7

    6. What will be found by studying carefully the hundred and forty-four thousand? Of what are the plagues a sign? To what do they pave the way?SSP 409.8

    7. Where does Christ prepare the city? At the same time what does He do upon the earth? Where do the city and the people meet?SSP 409.9

    8. To what do the different lines of prophecy in Revelation lead? What does the last chapter of this book give?SSP 409.10

    9. How long did the first Eden remain on the earth? What was a wonderful lesson to the antediluvians? When was the garden transported to heaven?SSP 409.11

    10. What promise is made to the overcomer? Where does the tree of life grow? What was the nature of the tree of life? What was the nature of the waters of the river of life? Why was man excluded from the benefits of the literal tree of life and the water of life?SSP 409.12

    11. Of what is every flowing river a reminder to man? Who is the fountain-head of all truth, and what does it signify? What did the Edenic waters typify? What has always watered the earth? When will that river of life be fully restored?SSP 409.13

    12. Where will Christ lead His people? What will He make them drink? Who invites all to come? If we knew the gift of God, what would we ask of Him? What would naturally lead John to use figures concerning this gift of God?SSP 409.14

    13. Of what is every river and tree a type? How is the real tree in Eden represented? When will it blossom in reality? How many manner of fruit will it bear? What is said of the leaves of the tree?SSP 409.15

    14. What is the cause of the war and strife among the nations? When did this controversy originate? Why will not that tree of knowledge be found in the new earth?SSP 409.16

    15. What will all nature in the new earth symbolize? What will come to the redeemed when they partake of the tree of life in the new earth? What has God sought to demonstrate in this earth? Who will gather about the real tree in the new earth?SSP 409.17

    16. What did God seek to illustrate in Israel? Had they faithfully followed Him, what would He have shown to other nations? What was the result of Israel refusing to eat only of the food of God?SSP 410.1

    17. When, for the first time, do the leaves of the tree of life bring all together? What did the angel say to John? What is the testimony of Isaiah? What does the presence of joy imply?SSP 410.2

    18. Where has sin entered? What has been the closest tie between heaven and earth? What can be seen in the midst of sin and deep degradation? Where pure love is seen, of what is it the reflection? Where will such love meet its reward?SSP 410.3

    19. What will God do to the lonely ones on the new earth? To whom shall all flesh come? What makes separation in families to-day? What will every man reap?SSP 410.4

    20. What reunion takes place in the new earth? What is a type of the Father’s love for humanity? To whom will little children lost on earth be restored? What comforting words does the prophet speak to weeping mothers?SSP 410.5

    21. What was a type of every mother in Israel? How will the people grow physically in the new earth? What will there never be in the new earth? Why will this be so? To what will the inhabitants of the new earth have access through all eternity? What will be in the place of the curse of death?SSP 410.6

    22. What is the nature of God’s throne? What for the first time is seen? How was man created? Where will the Father’s name be placed?SSP 410.7

    23. What is found in the book of Genesis? What relation do the other books of the Bible sustain to the book of Genesis? What is the book of Revelation? What do we find in the twenty-second chapter? When John could not comprehend these sayings, what did Gabriel say? Why was it necessary for the angel to assure John that these things were true? How did these words affect John? What did Gabriel say to him?SSP 410.8

    24. What are prophecies? To what prophecies does the angel Gabriel refer John? What does Gabriel distinctly tell John? When did prophetic time close? What prophetic period ended in 1844? What began at that time?SSP 410.9

    25. When Christ rises from His judgment throne, what does He say? For what do the heavens then prepare?SSP 410.10

    26. While mercy lingers, what may be accomplished? Who only, at this time, will have the Father’s name in their foreheads? What is said of the other class?SSP 410.11

    27. What message is sounding to-day? What will be the reward of the two classes of sowers? What are the threads woven in eternity’s loom?SSP 410.12

    28. How much is comprehended in the expression, “Alpha and Omega”? What is now accomplished? What has been developed through this long journey?SSP 410.13

    29. What was the privilege of man in the Garden of Eden? What did Satan claim? What did he proclaim to man? What has been the false hope of man ever since?SSP 410.14

    30. What were placed together in the Garden of Eden? In Christ’s personal teaching and His life, how did He link together the tree of life and the commandments? What does John say to those who stand at the gate of the New Jerusalem?SSP 410.15

    31. What is God’s law, and who are sealed? Over what question will be the last struggle on earth? Who are without the city? How does John describe the last people on earth?SSP 411.1

    32. How does Christ speak as the offspring of David? What relation do His commandments sustain to His throne? What is Christ called? Why? What ushers in that new day?SSP 411.2

    33. Who gives the final invitation? What kind of an experience will the people of God have?SSP 411.3

    34. How long were the waves a solid footing to Peter? What one word will carry the righteous through? What is the nature of that word? How is this word “come” illustrated? Who will repeat this invitation? What does the divine voice say? What is the nature of God’s Word? Whose name will be blotted from the Book of Life?SSP 411.4

    35. Of what does the whole book of Revelation tell us? What were Christ’s parting words with the disciples? What personal message is sent to us? With what do our hearts respond?SSP 411.5

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