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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What is depicted in chapter seventeen? What name did God call the church of Rome? What did He show by the angels who hold the vials of His wrath? What are the natural results of spiritual fornication?SSP 402.11

    2. To what period is the mind carried back for the origin of the expression, “Babylon”? What caused the depopulation of the earth at the time of Noah? Where did the descendants of Noah gather together? What had God told them? What did they begin to do? What spirit took possession of the men?SSP 402.12

    3. What was the result of their iniquity reaching unto heaven? What was the origin of the languages? What term is applied to them? How did the devil show that he was determined not to be defeated? What happened sixteen hundred years later?SSP 402.13

    4. How was this kingdom used by the inspired penman? Of what is its overthrow an object lesson? Through what chapter is this figure followed? To what does such a study open the mind?SSP 402.14

    5. Where is God’s dwelling place? What boast did Babylon make? What did the church do? What was literally true of ancient Babylon? What did God never intend that the church should do? How did He reign when upon the earth? With what was He clothed? What made it necessary to put on the apparel of the world? Why?SSP 403.1

    6. What was the city of Babylon called? Who at this time controlled the commerce of the world? What wealth was laid at her feet? Where did she send her ships for spices? From where did she obtain her ivory? From where did the ships of Tyre bring her metals? Who built her lofty structures?SSP 403.2

    7. What was the character of her kings? How long was the Jewish race held as slaves? How was Babylon rewarded? Do travelers to-day corroborate this downfall?SSP 403.3

    8. What message did God give Jeremiah? Why was this detail preserved in the record of ancient Babylon? When were these sins repeated?SSP 403.4

    9. How did the Roman see gain her power? What was for sometime her rival? What other city besides Rome is situated upon seven hills? From what directions did the Barbarians come? With what were the Barbarians satiated? What power met them face to face? Of what were they ignorant? What was their condition when they prostrated themselves before the church?SSP 403.5

    10. What did all nations do to Rome? From whom did she gather her stores of wealth? What tribute did England pay to Rome? For what was their money needed? How were the poor robbed?SSP 403.6

    11. How many rose at the bidding of Rome? What was exchanged for gold? How is this tyranny illustrated? Who received the same principles? How did England show she possessed the same spirit? What nation has never fully recovered?SSP 403.7

    12. What other nation was drained of its wealth? What spirit did the Pagan Roman Empire have? What claim was made by Rome? How did she treat the souls she had in her grasp? Who bore God’s message to Rome? What reply did Rome make?SSP 403.8

    13. When did the wounding of the head of the beast take place? Of what period did that mark the beginning? What brought the light to each of the kingdoms of Europe?SSP 403.9

    14. What are the nations of Europe doing to-day? What is fast disappearing? What agreement is made before the outpouring of the plagues? How does she stand before the nations of the earth to-day? How is she regaining her crown? What it is about to be given into her hands? What will place the unbounded resources of this country in her hands?SSP 403.10

    15. What will Protestants then repudiate? How is society revolutionized? What becomes more and more marked? In what way is this shown? Through what means is this obtained? How is this shown among the Protestant churches?SSP 403.11

    16. What messages are sent to save the world? How are the churches described when devoid of the Spirit of God?SSP 403.12

    17. To whom did Saul go when he was rejected by divine counsel? What was his end? To whom are the churches given over? Who are they prepared to receive? Of what did Babylon become the home? How is this applied to modern Babylon?SSP 403.13

    18. What does the third angel’s message offer? How long will the judgments of God wait? Who join the angel? What is this enlightenment in the world called? What will be the effect of the loud cry? What will cause fervent prayers to be offered?SSP 404.1

    19 How was it with the Jews in ancient Babylon? How did Daniel pray at the time of deliverance? When will Daniel’s prayers be most fully answered? What other prayer for forgiveness was partially answered? From what place does God hear and answer prayer?SSP 404.2

    20. What takes place when Satan manifests his greatest power? What will be heard from heaven? What will the angels of God do? Who escaped the destruction that came upon Babylon anciently? Why did they not all leave the city of Babylon?SSP 404.3

    21. What was the occasion of Lot’s wife looking back? What crisis will be brought upon families in the loud cry? What scripture is applicable to this time?SSP 404.4

    22. When do the beast and his image grow more intolerable? Where will the believers seek shelter? How long a period will be covered in the falling of the plagues? What scripture describes those who reject the message?SSP 404.5

    23. How long did the “two witnesses” prophecy clothed in sack-cloth? What was found in Babylon? What has become of those who loved the Word of God? How does God describe the closing of probation? What no longer offers any attraction?SSP 404.6

    24. How are the merchants and great men of earth affected? How will the earth itself be affected? What has reached unto heaven? What is the result? What is God doing to-day? What is He doing to all those who prefer a spiritual life?SSP 404.7

    25. Of what is the story of Babylon a picture? How will the controversy end?SSP 404.8

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