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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. What bitter struggle is mentioned? What is said of the devil’s counterfeits? How has God used these deceptions? What should be kept in the mind?SSP 387.4

    2. What is said of God’s plan and Satan’s working? Who was seen by the Infinite One?SSP 387.5

    3. What did the “mystery of iniquity” find? What shows the foresight and wisdom of the Saviour? What is said of Satan’s schemes? How shown?SSP 387.6

    4. What is said of the barbarian hordes? In what condition was the Eastern Empire? Quote Revelation 9:1. What had gone forth from northern Asia? From central western Asia?SSP 387.7

    5. When and where was Mohammed born? From whom did he claim descent? What is said of the faith he founded?SSP 387.8

    6. What does Gibbon say of Arabia? Who were gathered in Arabia? How did Mohammed become acquainted with these people?SSP 387.9

    7. What is said of Mohammed? What is said of his flight from Mecca? Give date. How did the religion of Mohammed compare with the faith of others? Give some facts in regard to their worship.SSP 387.10

    8. What was the single rule of action? How do the Mohammedans regard Jesus? By what was the Bible replaced? In what respect did Mohammedanism seem to be a reform? What is the foundation of a Mohammedan’s faith? Compare it with the papacy.SSP 387.11

    9. What is said of the ancient history of the Arab? What did Mohammedanism do for them? To what was the rapid progress of the Saracen arms due? What was the result?SSP 387.12

    10. Give the result of the fall of modern Persia. Quote Revelation 9:3. What are the Saracens called? Show how the eighth Egyptian plague describes their work.SSP 387.13

    11. What did Solomon say of the locusts? Show the parallel in the history of the Saracens. How did Mohammed first gain adherents? What change was made? In a few years what conquests were made? Describe their mode of conquest.SSP 387.14

    12. Give Abubeker’s instruction to his chiefs. Who were protected? Who destroyed? When was the conquest of Egypt begun? When and by whom was an attempt made to conquer Africa? When were the Moors conquered?SSP 387.15

    13. When did the Moslems reach the Pyrenees? What did they hope to do? When and by whom was their progress checked? Give an account of their work in Spain. What was preserved by them?SSP 387.16

    14. What change was made in their mode of conquest in the South and West? Was this true of the East? State what is said of their warfare in the East. 15. When did they attack Constantinople? What inducement was held out to the army? What dismayed them? How long did they continue the siege?SSP 387.17

    16. What was done in 677? What took place between 716 and 718? State how the two Saracen armies were defeated. Why did they give up the second attempt to capture Constantinople?SSP 388.1

    17. In what way did the Saracens resemble the locusts? Why did they fail to capture Constantinople? State what is said of the Arabian horse.SSP 388.2

    18. What is the Arab’s crown? What is said of their customs and personal appearance? State what is said of their mode of warfare.SSP 388.3

    19. With what were the Arabs armed? Quote Revelation 9:11. Give the historical fulfillment. What is said of Othman?SSP 388.4

    20. What was done by the Crusades? What was approaching? When did Othman invade Nicomedia? What does Gibbon say of the date?SSP 388.5

    21. How long were the Saracens given power to hurt men? Five prophetic months equal how much literal time? Give dates for the beginning and end of the 150 years.SSP 388.6

    22. What does Gibbon state of Othman’s work? What demand was given and obtained by Orchan? What was accomplished between 1360 and 1389.SSP 388.7

    23. State what you can of the fourth king? What was the condition of Constantinople? With what other foes did the Turks have to contend? Did the Byzantine court gain strength? Quote Revelation 9:12.SSP 388.8

    24. For what was God waiting? How was the sixth trumpet opened? What altar is here referred to? Quote Revelation 9:13, 14. When on the verge of victory, how was the Turkish force abated?SSP 388.9

    25. State in full what took place in 1448 How were the “four angels” loosed? Name the four Sultanies. What was soon gained by the Turks?SSP 388.10

    26. What change of rulers was made in 1451? Relate in full what is recorded of Mohammed II.SSP 388.11

    27. When was the siege formed? What is said of the army? Give the result How did the Moslems treat the religion of Rome? What was affected by the fall of Constantinople?SSP 388.12

    28. What followed the fall of Constantinople? By what had the breastplate and scimiter been replaced? How did the discharge of the firearms appear to the prophet? Who does Isaiah say is the “tail”?SSP 388.13

    29. What is said of the military valor of the Turks? What other factor was equally potent? What prophetic period began July 27, 1449? State what is said of this period. How was the end marked?SSP 388.14

    30. Give date for the end of this prophetic period. Give the four waymarks in the history of Constantinople.SSP 388.15

    31. What conclusion was drawn by Josiah Litch and Wm. Miller? Was this published? Relate the historical facts that led to the fulfillment. What four powers held a council? When?SSP 388.16

    32. What did the Turkish ruler volunteer to do? Give the substance of the official document.SSP 388.17

    33. When was this signed by the Turkish ruler? How has Turkey been known since that time?SSP 388.18

    34. Give Daniel’s prophecy concerning Turkey. When will the Turks leave Europe? Of what will this move be a sign?SSP 388.19

    35. To what should these things lead us? In what two places will we look for changes? What takes place in heaven when the capital of Turkey is removed to Palestine?SSP 388.20

    36. What is said of the closing words of the ninth chapter? Of what is the fall of nations a symbol? How are men affected by these things? Who are precious in the sight of the Lord? What work is being done to-day?SSP 389.1

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