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The Story of the Seer of Patmos - Contents
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    1. How is Revelation introduced? What is said of the first five chapters? Of the sixth chapter?SSP 382.9

    2. What is held in the right hand of the Father? Who alone can read the scroll? What do the seals reveal? What period is covered by the seals? Who only knows all the secrets of the life?SSP 382.10

    3. Who announced the opening of the first seal? What is said of the living creatures? In whom are they interested?SSP 382.11

    4. What did John see when the first seal was opened? What does Zechariah say of horses? For what is God’s Spirit seeking? What church was given a double portion of the Spirit?SSP 382.12

    5. What was represented by the white horse? What was manifested in the church of the first century? What separation was made?SSP 382.13

    6. What is said of the crown? Describe the success of the work as represented by the crown. Give Peter’s experience.SSP 382.14

    7. To what was the church compared? What was its most attractive feature? What is said of its connection with the living water?SSP 382.15

    8. To what do the writers of that age witness? What was written to the Romans? What statement was made to the Colossians? How long did it take to complete this work? By what power was it accomplished?SSP 382.16

    9. What does the Gospel bring if received? What if rejected?SSP 382.17

    10. Who announced the opening of the second seal? What was said of the red horse? State what actually took place.SSP 382.18

    11. What period was covered by this seal? With what church does it correspond? State how the experience of God’s people looked in the eyes of the Lord, and in the eyes of the world.SSP 382.19

    12. What was the result of the sacrifice of lives? What gave strength to the people? Why? Give the result of an act performed in behalf of Christ.SSP 382.20

    13. What is necessary for spiritual life? What change came in the church at this time? How did Satan accomplish the work?SSP 382.21

    14. Who announced the opening of the third seal? What was seen? When do men become self-appointed judges? Is this the Spirit of Christ? What did Moses pray?SSP 382.22

    15. What follows disobedience to the law of God? What is said of the “mystery of iniquity?” What spirit is manifested in this power?SSP 382.23

    16. What is said of the balances? Who has oversight of the weighing? What divine command is given? Of what were the oil and wine symbols?SSP 382.24

    17. What was done by the church during the fourth and fifth centuries? What change was made during this period?SSP 383.1

    18. What was seen when the fourth seal was opened? What was indicated by the pale horse? Give some facts in regard to the persecution at this time.SSP 383.2

    19. What is the result of the church being clothed with civil power? What follows? Who watches over every soul?SSP 383.3

    20. Who suffered with the martyrs? What was necessary at the crucifixion of Christ? With whom does Christ identify Himself?SSP 383.4

    21. What was seen when the fifth seal was opened? Where are the names of the martyrs? Explain how the earth is the altar.SSP 383.5

    22. Who fell before the one who sat upon the pale horse? Name some of the martyrs. Who else was persecuted? Why?SSP 383.6

    23. Of what does the earth bear witness? What is said of this witness? What question was asked, when the history of nations was revealed to Daniel? Give the effect of the curse of sin. What voice is heard by the ear of Jehovah?SSP 383.7

    24. What did John see? What is said of those who have given their lives for the sake of truth? How will their number be increased? What will be repeated?SSP 383.8

    25. When will they in reality receive the white robes? How are they regarded at the present time?SSP 383.9

    26. Who receives the most benefit from the history of the seals? When does the period of the sixth seal close?SSP 383.10

    How does it differ from the first four seals?SSP 383.11

    27. Who will welcome the Saviour under the seventh seal? What will be the fate of those who will not heed the signs?SSP 383.12

    28. How did the sixth seal open? State what is given in regard to the earthquake. How may we know which events to accept as signs?SSP 383.13

    29. How many Bible writers mention the signs in the sun, moon, and stars? Name the four that wrote before the time of Christ. Name those who mentioned these signs in the New Testament.SSP 383.14

    30. How many peculiarities are mentioned? When does Matthew tell men to look for the signs? What is meant by the “tribulation of those days”? Give dates for the beginning and ending of this period. Why was the persecution shortened?SSP 383.15

    31. When was the persecuting power broken? Could the sun be darkened as a sign before 1776?SSP 383.16

    32. Give Mark’s testimony. Definitely locate the time when the sun must be darkened to be a sign. Give the fulfillment.SSP 383.17

    33. What is said of Luke as a writer? What is shown by the manner in which he states the facts? What effect would the signs have upon the people of God? What were they to know?SSP 383.18

    34. How near is the Saviour’s coming? What is stated in Joel 3:15? When was the sun darkened? Describe the event.SSP 383.19

    35. Give the prophecy of Amos and the fulfillment.SSP 383.20

    36. Give Isaiah’s prophecy, also Amos 8:9. What does Ezekiel record? Which is the only dark day that fulfills all the specifications given in the Bible? 37. Give the substance of the quotation from “Our First Century.” How did the sun appear?SSP 383.21

    38. What prophecy had been given in regard to the moon? Describe the fulfillment.SSP 384.1

    39. How were the stars to fall? Give the date of a shower of stars that fulfilled this prophecy. Describe the scene.SSP 384.2

    40. Give date for the opening of the sixth seal. What four statements are made concerning this period? What two classes are mentioned?SSP 384.3

    41. To what does the sixth seal look forward? Describe the change wrought in the earth by sin.SSP 384.4

    42. How will the voice of God affect the earth? Who will then seek to hide from the Lord?SSP 384.5

    43. What dates are clearly marked? “Who shall be able to stand?”SSP 384.6

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