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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 19—Monday, April 24, 1876, Oakland, California, Ellen White to James White

    Dear Husband: Mary has just been reading to me two articles—one [was] on the loaves and fishes, Christ walking on the water, and stating to His hearers He was the Bread of life, which caused some of His disciples to turn from Him. This takes fifty pages and comprises many subjects. I do think it the most precious matter I have ever written. Mary is just as enthusiastic over it. She thinks it is of the highest value. I am perfectly satisfied with it.ERWDA 14.4

    The other article was upon Christ going through the corn field, plucking the ears of corn, and healing the withered hand—twelve pages. If I can, with Mary’s help, get out these subjects of such intense interest, I could say, “Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace.” These writings are all I can see now. Mary’s interest does not decrease at all. She is just as ardent and anxious as I am that this work shall be done now before we leave California. Interesting subjects are continually opening to my mind. These subjects I speak upon, which fastens them in Mary’s mind.ERWDA 14.5

    I believe that the Lord is with us, and His Spirit will impress our hearts. Mary is only just after me. I have not subjects prepared ahead. My heart and mind are in this work, and the Lord will sustain me in doing this work. I believe the Lord will give me health. I have asked Him, and He will answer my prayer. I love the Lord. I love His cause. I love His people. I feel great peace and calmness of mind. There seems to be nothing to confuse and distract my mind, and with so much hard thinking, my mind could not be perplexed with anything without being overtaxed.ERWDA 15.1

    Letter 13, 1876, p. 1.