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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 81—Monday, May 7, 1900, W. C. White to G. A. Irwin

    Sometimes when Mother’s mind is rested, and free, the thoughts are presented in language that is not only clear and strong, but beautiful and correct; and at times when she is weary and oppressed with heavy burdens of anxiety, or when the subject is difficult to portray, there are repetitions and ungrammatical sentences.ERWDA 43.1

    Mother’s copyists are entrusted with the work of correcting grammatical errors, of eliminating unnecessary repetitions, and of grouping paragraphs and sections in their best order. If a passage is not fully understood, the copyist asks its full meaning and proper connection. When corrected and plainly copied with the typewriter or the pen, the manuscripts are all carefully examined by Mother, and corrected, wherever correction is required, and then copied again, if the corrections are numerous. This is done with many manuscripts, not only because corrections are made in the work of the copyist, but because Mother sees a way to express the thought a little more clearly or more fully.ERWDA 43.2

    Often Mother writes out a matter the second time, because she feels that it is very difficult to put in writing the scene or events, as they are presented to her.ERWDA 43.3

    Mother’s workers of experience, such as Sisters Davis, Burnham, Bolton, Peck and Hare, who are very familiar with her writings, are authorized to take a sentence, paragraph, or section from one manuscript and incorporate it with another manuscript where the same thought was expressed but not so clearly. But none of Mother’s workers are authorized to add to the manuscripts by introducing thoughts of their own. They are instructed that it is the words and thoughts that Mother has written, or spoken, that are to be used.ERWDA 43.4

    —W. C. White Letter File, White Estate.