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    Exhibit 88—Monday, August 17, 1931, New York City, H. Camden Lacey* to D. E. Robinson

    My dear Brother Robinson: In regard to Significant Utterance No. 1 I can say nothing, as I am not the ‘prominent S. D. A. minister in Washington, D. C.’ who made that statement.ERWDA 46.1

    With reference to the second Significant Utterance you quote, the facts are as follows:—ERWDA 46.2

    In 1895, upon my return to Australia from Battle Creek, Michigan Miss Marian Davis urged me repeatedly to help her in editing the MSS for The Desire of Agesthen under preparation. I put her off as long as I could, as I did not feel capable of rendering any special assistance, but finally I yielded to her importunities and, after receiving the MSS of certain chapters, I made some suggestions which she seemed glad to accept. Now I cannot remember any details relative to those suggestions, other than that I have a vivid recollection that she seemed anxious to have certain sentences logically connected. We therefore re-arranged some of them, and I have an impression that there was some necessary rewording done. But I am certain that there was no altering of the thought anywhere.ERWDA 46.3

    With reference to the first chapter, I have a more vivid recollection. I remember that Sr. Davis was greatly worried about it. She did not seem to have sufficient material to fill it out sufficiently well. It was repeatedly revised, and I think that Elder W. W. Prescott and Br. E. R. Palmer were frequently consulted as to its composition. Finally it assumed the form in which it now appears in the Desire of Ages.ERWDA 46.4

    At the Bible Conference in Washington, D. C. in 1919, during a discussion on this point of the editing of Sr. White’s writings, I said, that in my opinion it would be well for the clarifying of the whole question before the people if the fact was clearly stated somewhere (I meant, on the title page or in the preface) that the Desire of Ages was written by Mrs. E. G. White, and edited by Miss Marian Davis.ERWDA 46.5

    I did not use the words quoted ‘for she wrote it’ (referring to Miss Marian Davis).ERWDA 46.6

    I did say that she came to me to get help to prepare the first chapter especially, as she seemed to be much concerned over its final form.ERWDA 46.7

    Hoping these simple statements will be of service in rebutting those who seem to be persisting in misrepresenting what was really said at the Bible Conference referred to, I remain, Sincerely yours in the Faith of this Truth.ERWDA 46.8

    —White Estate Document File 52a.

    *Elder Lacey was the brother of W. C. White’s second wife.