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    Exhibit 80—Monday, April 23, 1900, Marian Davis to G. A. Irwin

    A report in circulation in Battle Creek has just come to my notice. Lest, through this report, any should be led to reject the instruction and warning of the Spirit of God, I feel it a duty to say what I know in regard to the matter in question.ERWDA 41.7

    It is reported that the writing of a testimony for a prominent man in Battle Creek was intrusted to one of Sister White’s former workers, or that she was given matter for him, with instruction to fill out the points, so that the testimony was virtually her work.ERWDA 41.8

    I cannot think that anyone who has been connected with Sister White’s work could make such a statement as this. I cannot think that anyone who is acquainted with Sister White’s manner of writing could possibly believe it. The burden she feels when the case of an individual is presented before her, the intense pressure under which she works, often rising at midnight to write out the warnings given her, and often for days, weeks, or even months, writing again and again concerning it, as if she could not free herself from the feeling of responsibility for that soul,—no one who has known anything of [these] experiences, could believe that she would intrust to another the writing of a testimony.ERWDA 41.9

    For more than twenty years I have been connected with Sister White’s work. During this time I have never been asked either to write out a testimony from oral instruction, or to fill out the points in matter already written. The one who is reported to have made the statement was never, to my knowledge, either asked or permitted to do such a thing. And from my own knowledge of the work, as well as from the statements of Sister White herself, I have the strongest possible ground for disbelieving that such a thing was done.ERWDA 42.1

    —W. C. White Letter Book 10-A, pp. 207-8. (Written from Sunnyside, Cooranbong, Australia.)