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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 89—Tuesday, May 22, 1934, W. C. White to Mrs. Maggie H. Bree

    For years it was our practice to place in her [Miss Davis’] hands a copy of every article sent off for publication and of all principal letters and testimonies. These she ... read with avidity, and ... marked those passages that she considered especially useful for the making of chapters for books which she had in contemplation....ERWDA 46.9

    Sister Davis had a wonderful memory, and this was of great service in her work of searching for and grouping together the choicest things that Sister White had written regarding Christ in His ministry as a Healer [and] in regard to Christ as an Example of medical missionaries and medical evangelists....ERWDA 46.10

    When a goodly number of extracts had been gathered and grouped together as possible material for chapters, they were read to Sister White. This revived her memory of the ... scenes presented to her, and she entered ... into the work of rewriting many chapters, giving them a fresh touch and greater vigor, also adapting the various passages ... more fully to the people who would read this book....ERWDA 46.11

    Time and time again in Sister White’s room, was discussed the object and the best plan for the book—(a) whom the book would serve; (b) how much room should be given to each subject; (c) what was the best relationship of the great subjects with which it should deal.ERWDA 46.12

    After chapters were thus formed, they were carefully read again by Sister White and then submitted to the printer.ERWDA 46.13

    —W. C. White Correspondence File, White Estate.