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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 86—Cir. September 26, 1904, Elmshaven, St. Helena, California, EGW Manuscript, “A Tribute to Marian Davis”

    Marian, my helper, faithful and true as the compass to the pole in her work, is dying....ERWDA 44.4

    I am leaving tomorrow for Battle Creek. Yet my soul is drawn to the dying girl who has served me for the last twenty-five years. We have stood side by side in the work, and in perfect harmony in that work. And when she would be gathering up the precious jots and tittles that had come in papers and books and present it to me, “Now,” she would say, “there is something wanted. I cannot supply it.” I would look it over, and in one moment I could trace the line right out.ERWDA 44.5

    We worked together, just worked together in perfect harmony all the time. She is dying. And it is devotion to the work. She takes the intensity of it as though it were a reality, and we both have entered into it with an intensity to have every paragraph that shall stand in its right place, and show its right work.ERWDA 44.6

    Manuscript 95, 1904, p. 1.