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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 58—Monday, December 10, 1894, W. C. White to Miss Julia Malcolm

    As regards your questions about Mother’s writings you may have noticed in her [public] addresses that she has a full vocabulary and much power of description and at the same time you may have noticed faulty grammatical constructions. Those familiar with her writings find the same characteristics and also we find that as scenes which are similar in character and import are impressed upon her mind that she writes them out rapidly without reference to chronological order or other apparent connection. We are often perplexed by this characteristic in some of the prophetic books of the Bible.ERWDA 29.4

    The secretaries and copyists who prepare Mother’s writings for the printer remove repetitions so that the matter may be brought into the allotted space. They correct bad grammar and they fit the matter for publication. They sometimes carry her best expressions of thought from one paragraph to another but do not introduce their own thoughts into the matter. The thoughts and the expressions which you mention are Mother’s own thoughts and expressions. With kindest regards.ERWDA 30.1

    —W. C. White Letter Book 7, p. 20. (Written from Norfolk Villa, Prospect Road, Granville, N. S. W., Australia, to Julia Malcolm in Brighton, Victoria, Australia.)