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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 22—Thursday, April 27, 1876, Oakland, California, Ellen White to Lucinda Hall

    Dear Lucinda: ... I am working to the very extent of my strength, and my prayer is for the Lord to help, strengthen, and bless me in this work. He does do this, or I could not do what I have done. My spirit yearns after God, and I dare not trust myself at all. I am glad my husband is so free. May God continue to bless him is our most earnest daily prayer.ERWDA 16.3

    We are, Mary and I, doing our uttermost to get my writings completed in the space of six weeks. If we do, is it thought it will pay for us then to come East? If not, we greatly prefer to remain and write the next volume.... I know the people need this book at once, and I want my mind relieved and this burden off my mind.ERWDA 16.4

    Letter 61, 1876, p. 1.