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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 56—1894, Granville, New South Wales, Australia, Ellen White to O. A. Olsen

    It is decided in council I shall write on the life of Christ; but how any better than in the past? Questions and the true conditions of things here and there are urged upon me....ERWDA 28.4

    I have done scarcely anything on the life of Christ, and have been obliged to often bring Marian to my help, irrespective of the work on the life of Christ which she has to do under great difficulties, gathering from all my writings a little here and a little there, to arrange as best she can. But she is in good working order, if I could only feel free to give my whole attention to the work. She has her mind educated and trained for the work; and now I think, as I have thought a few hundred times, I shall be able after this mail closes to take the life of Christ and go ahead with it, if the Lord will.ERWDA 28.5

    Letter 55, 1894, p. 6.