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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 36—Sunday, January 16, 1887, Basel, Switzerland, W. C. White to B. L. Whitney**

    Dear Brother: It is Sunday afternoon. I have received no telegram from Olsen and conclude that their meeting is postponed, therefore I decided not to go to London....ERWDA 21.5

    I also enclose a list of books prepared by Sister Davis which she wishes to have examined by some of your party that we may know if any of them will be valuable to us in our Bible study or the preparation of articles on Bible subjects. After reading the memoranda as prepared by Sister Davis I see there is little I need to say. Perhaps you will want some of these in the office library....ERWDA 21.6

    You will note what they say about the cuts in Farrar’s Life of Christ. This is just the way they talked at first about those in the Child’s Life of Christ....ERWDA 21.7

    Please buy of Cassell one set [of] Wylie’s Prot., one Hanna’s *** Life of Christ, and for your library I think you would do well to have a set of Geikie’s Hours With the Bible. If you have not already obtained them in New York, you ought to inquire for, and purchase for your library, The Temple and Its Services, Jewish Social Life, Andrew’s Life of Our Lord, a good harmony of the Gospels, and other works that will be useful to your wife in preparing notes for the Sabbath School lessons. She ought to have a copy of the latest and best Bible dictionary.—W. C.ERWDA 21.8

    ** Elder Whitney (1845-1888) bore heavy responsibilities in the publishing work which was centered in Basel.

    *** William Hanna’s Life of Christ was first published in 1863.

    White Letter Book A-2, pp. 74-76. (Written from Basel, Switzerland, to B. L. Whitney, who was on business in London, England.)