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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 65—Monday, November 23, 1896, Marian Davis to C. H. Jones

    This morning Brother White handed me your letter of October 6, with list of cuts etc., asking me to write to you in regard to it. Had I seen them before leaving Cooranbong, where my lists and MS are, I could have written more intelligently. As it is, I can mention but few points.ERWDA 32.5

    I. Transposition of chapters. In the order of chapters we followed Andrews’* Harmony, as given in his Life of Christ. He is generally regarded as the very best authority, and is quoted by leading writers. We know of no better arrangement than his. (The year between the first and second passover seems to have been a period of comparative quiet and seclusion; that between the second and third, of activity and publicity.) Those who read the MS, Professor Prescott and Sister Burnham, agreed with our arrangement. We would not like to see this chapter transposed.ERWDA 32.6

    “Imprisonment and Death of John.” The place of this chapter is optional, of course. But no one has heretofore objected to its present position. As to the reference to John in Chapter 28, coming after the account of his death, this is not unusual in other books. See Geikie and many others. If the chapter were transposed, it would probably be best to omit the first paragraph. But not having the MS to refer to, I cannot speak with much positiveness.ERWDA 32.7

    —W. C. White Letter Book 10-A, p. 17a. (Written from Ashfield, N. S. W., Australia, to C. H. Jones in Oakland, California.)