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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 13—Friday, April 7, 1876, Oakland, California, Ellen White to James White

    Dear Husband: ... I am writing some every day but cannot confine myself to writing more than one-half a day.ERWDA 12.1

    Yesterday Mary Clough, the little girls* and I visited Sister Babcock. We had quite a walk....

    The precious subjects open to my mind well. I trust in God and He helps me to write. I am some twenty-four pages ahead of Mary. She does well with my copy. It will take a clear sense of duty to call me from this work to camp meetings. I mean to finish my writings, on one book at any rate, before I go anywhere.ERWDA 12.2

    * The “little girls” were Addie and May Walling, Mary Clough’s nieces, who were raised by Ellen White.

    Letter 4, 1876, pp. 1, 4.