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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 15—Saturday night, April 8, 1876, Oakland, California, Ellen White to Lucinda Hall

    Dear Sister Lucinda:** ... My husband writes that an appeal is to be sent to me from the [General] Conference [Session], but I shall not be moved from that which I believe to be my duty at this time. I have a special work at this time to write out the things which the Lord has shown me. We progress finely, but I cannot write more than half a day....ERWDA 12.7

    I have felt that I must neglect everything to get out these writings. I have not attended meetings for two weeks. While Elders Waggoner and Loughborough are here, I let them do the work, and I keep all my strength for one purpose—to write....ERWDA 12.8

    I want time to have my mind calm and composed. I want to have time to meditate and pray while engaged in this work. I do not want to be wearied myself or be closely connected with our people who will divert my mind. This is a great work, and I feel like crying to God every day for His Spirit to help me to do this work all right....ERWDA 13.1

    Matter at Petaluma was needed for labor there next week. I put copy in Elder Waggoner’s hand to copy. He just did a miserable job. He did not change anything or improve it at all. I prize Mary more and more every day.ERWDA 13.2

    ** Lucinda Hall (1839-1929) was for a time employed by Ellen White and came to be one of her best friends.

    Letter 59, 1876, pp. 1-3.