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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 54—Wednesday, October 18, 1893, Marian Davis to Ellen White

    I hope it will not be necessary for me to work on testimony, at least at present. The Bible studies [at the Australasian Bible School] are on the life of Christ, and I am anxious to keep on that line of thought if possible, if I am to continue the work on the book. There is much yet to be done with the material I have, though, of course, the sooner new matter can be had, the better.ERWDA 27.3

    Oh, when I see how we seem to be in the circles of a whirlpool that is sweeping us faster and faster toward the great consummation I do long to see this book go out, to reveal Christ to the people as He is in His beauty. Let the work be done by whomever God shall choose, but Oh, I want to see it done, and I will be so thankful if He will use me anywhere. There is a very great loss in stopping, breaking off the chain of thought and beginning over again. But I am ready to do it, if necessary. But while we are studying the life of Christ and the matter is on my mind it seems like poor policy to work at something else....ERWDA 27.4

    I sympathize with you in the constant moving. It must be very wearisome. But what a privilege the New Zealand people are having!ERWDA 27.5

    I shall be so glad when we can talk over the work. So many points come up that I want to ask about, and I shall appreciate the privilege of having someone to read the chapters to.ERWDA 27.6

    I will send you a few more chapters soon. Brother [W.F.] Caldwell copies for me Sunday forenoons.... I am real anxious to get some chapters finished and some gaps filled before going to any other work....ERWDA 27.7

    These are busy days, the Bible class coming in the middle of the forenoon is rather inconvenient, but while the life of Christ is studied, I can’t afford to lose it, for it is the only thing I have bearing on my work, and it wakes one’s mind up to hear the matter talked over.ERWDA 28.1

    —White Estate Document File #393a. (Written from Prahran, Melbourne, Australia, to Ellen White in New Zealand.)