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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 35—Tuesday, December 22, 1885, Basel, Switzerland, Switzerland; Ellen White to Edson & W.C. White

    Dear Children, Edson and Willie: ... Tell her [Marian Davis*] I just one minute ago read the letters in which she has specified the improvements to be made in articles for Volume 1. I thank her. Tell her that she has a point about Zedekiah’s having his eyes put out. That needs to be more carefully worded—also the rock, when the water flowed—something in reference to this. I think I can make the articles specified more full ....ERWDA 21.3

    Well, my dear Willie and Edson and Emma, let us draw very nigh to God. Let us live daily as we would wish we had lived when the judgment shall sit and the books shall be opened, and when everyone will be rewarded according to his works. I am not cast down nor discouraged, but I feel weighed down as a cart beneath sheaves. We have had several days of beautiful weather. It has commenced raining this afternoon. Tell Mary to find me some histories of the Bible that would give me the order of events. I have nothing and can find nothing in the library here.ERWDA 21.4

    Letter 38, 1885, p. 8.

    * Marian Davis (1847-1904) was a highly skilled secretary and literary assistant to Ellen White. She worked for Ellen White from 1879 until 1904, helping to produce many books, including The Desire of Ages.